WWE News: WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt Hints At A Storyline With Wrestling Legend Sting

In WWE, you never know what you’re going to see next. The company loves to surprise us, but in today’s world it’s just not that easy to do, sadly. We want it, and when WWE can accomplish the surprise, we are all happy about. Sometimes, however, we do not need a surprise. We simply need something to happen. That need is to see Sting on WWE TV, in a storyline of some sort.

Clearly this is one of the biggest moments in wrestling. Before 2014, Sting had never been in WWE for any reason. No merchandise deal, no legends deal, no video game deal….no contract of any kind. Sting mentioned that he has come close many times over the years, but always ended up staying with WCW or TNA. A need was always met that he wanted. He never left. Now though, in the twilight of his career, he wants to end his career in the place he has never set foot.

Most every fan and even wrestler in WWE feels that Sting will have at least one match in WWE before he retires. WWE has him now, so why not? The problem is, the dream match that fans have wanted to see for so long seems to be in doubt. The Undertaker versus Sting has been THE dream match for many fans over the years. The issue was that neither man seemed to want to leave the company they were in to make it happen.

Sting is now in WWE, but Undertaker seems to be retired. It is a bummer, because even Sting has been wanting the match to happen. Most feel that Undertaker wanted it to as well. However, after over 20 years being an active performer and several injuries later, Taker simply cannot wrestle at the level he once could. He always said that he never wanted to go out and leave a bad taste in fan’s mouths, in reference to his wrestling ability. He was able to shock the world with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. Coming back after that sort of exit would probably be dumb, regardless of the Stinger finally being in the company.

Bray Wyatt

That leave Sting without a dance partner. So who else makes sense for him to face off with? Enter Bray Wyatt. Like Sting and Undertaker, Wyatt is a darker character with a lot of edge to him. The Icon was not shy in his thoughts about Wyatt and how he has stood out personality wise among the others, saying about him…

“I’d love to see Bray Wyatt coming up the way he is, because he has the one thing I do believe that is missing.”

Most would think that Sting was being respectful in regards to Wyatt and they would be right. However, this is also something that is unique. When an older wrestler shows that kind of respect to a younger talent, it means more than just respect. It means that if they were to be in the company at the same time, they would want to work with that person.

Many older wrestlers as well as WWE veterans on the roster really like Wyatt’s character and have wanted to work with him. John Cena wanted to work with Wyatt and this resulted in a WrestleMania match for Wyatt. Regardless of the match’s position on the card, having a match with John Cena is a massive deal. Especially at WrestleMania. Having THE MAN want to work with you is big. Chris Jericho also wanted to work with Wyatt and mentioned him by name when he was getting ready to come back to WWE.

Sting wanting to work with Wyatt is not crazy, especially if he knows that he cannot get The Undertaker.

To add more fuel to this fire, Bray Wyatt tweeted out a very interesting post this past Monday, saying…

“it exists in us all / we are the ants / destroy the scorpion / Be Heard.”

Sting Hogan

Sting and the scorpion are synonymous with one another. Many know the history of the scorpion with Sting. So for Wyatt to mention the scorpion by name is quite interesting. Especially using the line, “destroy the scorpion.” While it could seem like something the media has overblown and the scorpion could be a reference to The Authority and not Sting, it just makes too much sense for it to be someone other than the man the scorpion is known to be associated with.

In fact, if you were to put a scorpion on WWE TV….no one would think of anyone else but Sting. That is the power of this Arachnid. Once seen, people will think of Sting. Once mentioned, the same occurs.

Sting has been rumored to be coming to WWE TV for some time, the issue is that we just have no idea when. Meanwhile Bray Wyatt has nothing going on right now. He has been off WWE TV match wise for over a week and didn’t have a match at Night of Champions or the last two RAW shows. Ever since his rivalry with Chris Jericho ended, it was a case of “creative has nothing for you.”

It is expected that we will see Wyatt on WWE TV again very soon. Could WWE be leading us into a Wyatt/Sting rivalry, but slowly? With the respect level Wyatt has along with the fact that Sting needs someone to work with, this makes all the sense in the world. WWE could be getting fan reaction to the tweet, which is why it was posted. This could just be nothing at all and Sting/Wyatt will never happen. At the end of the day though, fans want to see Sting. When that happens is up in the air. What is certain is that we will see Sting on WWE TV. Who he will face off with if WWE allows him to wrestle is another question entirely.

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