Reggie Miller’s Missing Niece, Nikki Miller, Found Safe And Back At Home

Reggie Miller’s missing niece, Nikki Miller, has been found safe and is back at home, according to the most recent report by the Los Angeles Times. Reggie Miller’s niece, 16-year-old Nikki Miller, disappeared from her home in Yorba Linda, California on Monday. Riverside, California native Reggie Miller tweeted the news and asked for help from his followers regarding her disappearance.

“My niece Nikki Miller is missing. Anyone with info please contact the Orange County Sheriff Dept. at 714-647-7000.”

Reggie’s niece, Nikki Miller, was first discovered missing from her California bedroom on Monday, September 29, 2014, at 7:15 a.m. A police report was filed with the Orange County Sheriff’s department that same day. Law enforcement officials arrived at the home and made the determination that the girl was most likely a runaway since there was nothing disturbed at the scene to suggest a crime had taken place. Nikki Miller was described as 6ft. 150 pound girl with dark hair and brown eyes. Family members created missing person’s fliers to alert the public to her disappearance.

According to Heavy, friends of the missing girl and daughter of Darrel Miller took to social media and forums to express their deep concern for her well-being.

“Oh no I hope they find her safe sending up prayers.”

“Beautiful girl I hope she’s okay and return home soon. “

Friends described Nikki Miller as a nice, funny girl that adds joy to their lives.

Once Reggie Miller tweeted the missing person’s information to his followers, they helped spread the information by re-tweeting it almost 8,000 times. The frenzied public concern was enough to make Nikki Miller return home by 9 p.m. that evening. Reggie Miller was happy to share the news with his 600,000 Twitter followers.

“Happy to let everyone know that my niece, Nikki Miller is home. Thank you to everyone who sent prayers n thoughts, they were answered.”

Reggie Miller is a former NBA player for the Indiana Pacers. The case of his missing niece had a happy ending. The reverse is true for many other missing children and teen runaways. One such case was examined in a previous article by Inquisitr, which featured the case of Katelyn Beard, a 17-year-old teen who was abducted in Mississippi and found dead in the woods. Her abductor, Dewayne Thompson, was arrested and charged with capital murder.