Pistol Packing Patrons: Restaurant Gives Discount To Customers Who Are Carrying Guns

One Louisiana restaurant owner is doing his best to ensure that the Second Amendment rights of his patrons are upheld within his walls.

Fox23 News reports that Kevin Cox, the owner of Bergerons Cajun & Creole in Louisiana, offers a 10 percent discount for all customers who carry their weapons into his restaurant. All the customer has to do to receive the discount is show his or her weapon to Cox before checkout. Cox notes that the policy was originally only in place for police officers. However, Cox wanted to take it a step further by offering gun-toting law-abiding citizens the discount as well.

Cox wants to do his part to protect Second Amendment rights. Cox says with establishments like Chipotle and Panera telling their customers to leave their guns at home, he believes that his policy will keep his customers happy while acknowledging their right to bear arms. Cox points out that it isn’t only restaurants around the country banning guns.

“I keep hearing so much about people banning guns. Target’s banning guns and these people are banning guns. Don’t they realize that that’s where people with guns are going to go? I want to take the opposite approach. How can I make my place safer?”

Cox feels that crime will be deterred more efficiently by ensuring that as many customers as possible are packing in his restaurant.

“I think it protects the restaurant. It discourages people from breaking in. If they think someone may have a gun and it’s concealed, you’ll think twice about coming in and robbing somebody. You feel safer because I mean somebody walks in and wants to rob the place, they’re going to think twice when they see it’s not a gun free place.”

Not everyone agrees with the new policy at Bergerons Cajun & Creole. Buzzpo notes that anti-gun activist Maria Faisal is furious.

She stated, “Fewer guns mean less crime. It is crazy to encourage people to bring guns into the public sphere.”

Bergerons isn’t the first restaurant to offer a discount for gun carrying customers. A Virginia pizza parlor gives a generous 15 percent discount to gun owners who eat at the establishment.

What do you think of these types of policies? Is the discount for gun carrying customers a good or bad idea? Do you think the policy will help deter crime, or is promoting the carrying of guns in the public sphere too dangerous?