Derek Hough Talks Bethany Mota’s Ankle Injury, ‘DWTS’ Week 3 Plan

As Dancing with the Stars fans saw last week, Derek Hough’s partner Bethany Mota is dealing with an ankle injury. How is she holding up heading into the Week 3 show airing on Monday night? Derek shared some updates, and DWTS fans are hopeful that Derek and Bethany will be able to give viewers a strong performance.

This season, Hough is blogging for TV Guide, and he gave out some great Dancing with the Stars spoilers in the piece. This week, Derek and Bethany will be doing a jazz piece to the iconic song “Singing’ in the Rain.” Hough adds that his first dance performance in his life was to this specific song when he was just a few years old. Given that, DWTS fans are quite excited to see what he does with this week’s number.

Hough adds that he’s excited for this one as it will be both classic and fun. The DWTS pro adds that normally it’s tough to get this song approved for use on the show, but Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia, wrote him an email sharing how she would be happy for him to use it this season. It should be a fantastic number, and as the latest DWTS spoiler tease from the show’s Instagram page shows, there will be an umbrella involved in this one.

However, there is one potential problem: Bethany Mota’s injury. Derek says that they are wrapping it and icing it, but they don’t have time to let her stay off of it for it to heal. They’re trying not to let it get worse, but it’s been a challenge. Derek, of course, has been adjusting his choreography as much as possible to work around the ankle injury, but it is definitely a challenge for the both of them. Bethany’s ankle is still hurting, but fans hope it won’t cause issues with the duo continuing with the show.

Now DWTS goes back to the format of just a show on Monday night with no elimination show on Tuesday. It does sound as if there will be an elimination Monday night, so fans should brace themselves for a bit of a shift as the show transitions. Will Derek and Bethany be safe this week? Chances are they will be, but their fans definitely need to vote to ensure that’s the case.

Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars with Derek Hough, Bethany Mota, and the rest of the eclectic cast is back with the Week 3 dances on Monday, September 29 on ABC.

[Image via ABC’s Dancing With the Stars Instagram]