September 29, 2014
Jessa Duggar Blames Holocaust On Belief In Evolution, Compares The Shoah To Abortion

Jessa Duggar has some bizarre thoughts about the Holocaust. Called the Shoah in modern Hebrew, the Holocaust led to the extermination of six million Jews and millions of other innocent human beings Hitler and his minions deemed undesirable.

It's great to know that the 19 Kids and Counting star isn't a Holocaust denier, but it's somewhat disturbing that she equates abortion to the most horrific genocide in history. She also blames a belief in evolution for playing a part in the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar recently tried to learn something other than what her parents want her to know by visiting the US Holocaust Museum. The trip really got her thinking, and she shared her thoughts in a lengthy Instagram post accompanied by a photo of concentration camp prisoners.

"I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today... very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights--their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed 'less than human.'"
Unfortunately, Jessa Duggar had a hard time focusing solely on the suffering of the Jewish people, and apparently her visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky was still fresh on her mind.
"Racism, stemming from the evolutionary idea that man came from something less than human; that some people groups are 'more evolved' and others 'less evolved.'"
It sounds like Jessa Duggar hasn't learned much about evolution. Instead, she's likely been taught to view it as a bogeyman that can be blamed for various woes, including racism and the Holocaust. Many Creationists believe that Hitler was a Darwinist, and they want to turn people against evolution by claiming that it played a part in the Holocaust. However, University of Chicago historian Robert Richards told The Philadelphia Inquirer that there's little evidence to support this belief.
"There's not the slightest shred of evidence that Hitler read Darwin."
According to Richards, "some of the biggest influences on Hitler's anti-Semitism were opposed to evolution, such as British writer Houston Stewart Chamberlain."

Jessa Duggar ended her rant with an anti-abortion hashtag, essentially comparing the suffering of the Holocaust to the removal of an undeveloped fetus at a clinic.

"May we never sit idly by and allow such an atrocity to happen again. Not this generation. We must be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Because EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS. #ProLife"
Many of Jessa Duggar's Instagram followers weren't impressed by her lengthy rant. Some believed that the 19 Kids and Counting star was being insensitive by using the Holocaust to promote her own religious/political beliefs and others pointed out that the Holocaust has nothing to do with abortion.
"Do not use the Holocaust as an excuse to preach about your religion. Abortion has nothing to do with the slaughter of millions of people. You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Abortion has nothing to do with the holocaust. If you walked through that museum and thought about abortion the you did it wrong."

"Please walk through the holocaust museum again because that is not at all what the holocaust was about. Have some respect for the children and grandchildren of survivors."

Apparently, Jessa Duggar is going to do her darnedest to offend an entire group of people every time she visits a museum. This time it was Jewish men and women, last time it was atheists. According to Us Weekly, Jessa also used Instagram to document her visit to the Creation museum. After she and future husband Ben Seewald finished touring the controversial museum, she felt the need to share the anti-atheist post below.

Duggar also shared her belief that dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time as man by sharing a post about dinosaurs meeting their demise during Noah's flood.

What do you think of Jessa Duggar's Instagram posts?

[Image via Ben Seewald/Twitter]