Ed Sheeran Doesn’t See Himself As A ‘Sex Symbol’

Ed Sheeran is a lot of things, but he’s certainly not full of himself.

The British singer/songwriter has conquered the world over the past year or so, thanks in part to his down-to-earth demeanor. Instead of letting all of this success bloat his ego to unmanageable proportions, Sheeran has kept his wits about him. When People declared that he was among the sexiest people on the planet, he took the honor in stride.

According to ABC News, Ed Sheeran is all about the humility. While this is probably just in his nature, the singer received plenty of advice from the likes of Taylor Swift, Chris Martin, and Pharrell Williams during his meteoric rise to fame.

Instead of believing his own press, Sheeran tries to keep a level head.

“The same thing Taylor said to me was the same thing Pharrell said, same thing Chris Martin said, is just the same thing: Constant humility, constant evolution and be a sponge, soak up your influences.”

When People magazine added Sheeran to their annual list of sexy people last year, the songwriter didn’t start posting shirtless selfies on Instagram. Instead, he let the publications flattering declaration roll off his back.

“I’ve never seen myself as a sex symbol, and I think if I didn’t play music no one else would [see me that way] either. We’re attracted to people who are good at things. So being in that People magazine thing is very flattering, because it means people think I’m good at my craft. But I would never say that I’m a sex symbol.”

This isn’t the first time Ed Sheeran has discussed the success he’s enjoyed following the release of his debut album in 2011. During a chat with the Toronto Sun, the singer said he isn’t letting the acclaim fill his skull with nonsense. Instead, Sheeran is focusing on the music, which could include a new album and a decidedly off-beat collaboration.

“I don’t really want to bask in it. I like being able to share it with people, I like being able to fly my family out to places, put them on holidays and stuff like that, be able to go to a bar with my friends and being able to just say ‘drink up.'”

As for the future, Sheeran is already thinking about his new record.

“The next thing I’ll have out is collaboration with The Game. I’ve been working on the follow-up album recently… I’ve started writing new songs for that so that will be not next year, but possibly the year after that.”

Are you a fan of Ed Sheeran? What do you think about the talented singer/songwriter’s seemingly endless humility? Is this an attribute that all artists should openly embrace?

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