Will Portia De Rossi Pregnancy Save Marriage With Ellen DeGeneres?

Recent reports that Portia de Rossi is pregnant with Ellen DeGeneres' baby, so to speak, are thankfully a far cry from reports a few months ago about cheating allegations, alcoholism, and an imminent divorce for one of Hollywood's most talked about couples.

According to more recent reports, Portia has been spotted hiding a baby bump, which is in line with the fact that she made no secret ever that she had always wanted kids with Ellen.

It seems that despite the stink Ellen made about not really wanting children, whatever happened to save the couple's relationship over the summer has worked, and Portia has even managed to convince Ellen that having babies is the way forward for them.

Classicalite reported today that a source who claims to be close to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi revealed to Star Magazine that Ellen didn't agree for Portia to get pregnant because she really wanted kids, but rather to enhance their lives.

The source revealed, "The truth of the matter is, the baby wasn't an attempt to save the relationship. Ellen felt that because of the change they had both made, they were already in a good place. She told Portia that she feels a baby is a missing piece of their puzzle, and would unite them forever."

Those revelations come along with other allegations made by the same source that Ellen and Portia will be announcing the new pregnancy soon enough as Portia finds it increasingly more difficult to hide the truth.

"Portia has already gained about 10 pounds... and there is a lot of buzz among their friends that she is already two months pregnant. Portia is smiling more than she has in a long time--she's certainly got that pregnancy glow."

As with all these types of rumors, they need to be taken with just a little pinch of salt. After all, it could just be that the alleged Portia de Rossi pregnancy is be nothing more than a simple case of her gaining some weight, or being spotted not looking her best.

The truth of the matter remains to be seen, but as there's usually "no smoke without fire," we suggest you watch this space for more information.