Hillary Clinton: 'First Grandchild' Born, White House Campaign Announcement Next?

With the birth of Chelsea Clinton's baby, Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the midst of a pair of "firsts." The former Secretary of State is a first-time grandmother and could be the first female President of the United States should she announce her White House campaign soon.

Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter gave birth to a baby girl Friday. Grandma and Grandpa Clinton joined their only child in celebrating the important milestone in the Clinton family.

Chelsea took to Twitter and Facebook early Saturday to announce the arrival of Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. Chelsea and her husband, hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, say they are both "full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter."

Hillary Clinton and Uncle Bill, as he's affectionately called in the political landscape, are never short on words, but their only response to the birth of their grandchild at the moment was a simple retweet of the Mezvinskys' tweet. In all likelihood, the elder Clintons don't want to steal the spotlight from their daughter's special moment. However, it's a good chance the proud grandparents are reflecting on the time they welcomed their only child into the world.

However, the Chelsea Clinton baby delivery news is a perfect segue to statements made by Hillary in recent interviews. When out on the "campaign" trail, the former First Lady is often faced with a particular question from reporters she's undoubtedly prepared responses for: "Are you running for president Madame Secretary?"

Hillary Clinton, up to this point, has been rather coy about any bid to replace an outgoing Barack Obama, her 2008 rival, when his term ends. However, instead of giving the obligatory "I have no intentions to run" or "I'm happy in my current role" responses, Hillary Clinton went on record by saying she will defer her decision for a White House bid until after Chelsea gives birth.

Ta-da! Baby Charlotte just removed one prerequisite off her "decision" plate, and now it's time for Hillary to pony-up and remove the growing hysteria over any plans she has to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. On Saturday, Christian Science Monitor wrote that Grandma Hillary will announce her campaign decision by early 2015.

Clinton, at this time, is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House. On the Republicans' side, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal, New Jersey and Louisiana governors, respectively, and Sen. Rand Paul are possible suitors for the top job. And even Mitt Romney, a staunch Hillary Clinton opponent, is rumored to be in the hat as a leader GOP contender.

Should Hillary run, she faces enormous challenges to separate herself from her former boss, the current Commander in Chief, who is suffering on a number of fronts, namely Obamacare, Immigration reform, civil rights, NASA spying, and the new threat from ISIS (or ISIL).

Additionally, should Secretary Clinton announce her campaign for the 2016 presidency, she will undoubtedly have to fend off attacks from political pundits as well as Tea Party and Conservative operatives on her handling of the Benghazi debacle, in which the embassy was bombed in an attack by extremists.

With the birth of Chelsea's daughter, Hillary Clinton has two years to hone her skills in being the best grandmother to Charlotte. Any campaign for the White House would take place when the possible future First Granddaughter-to-be is going through the "terrible-twos."

[Image via: Instagram, Us Magazine]