iOS 5 launch disaster continues, users still reporting problems

When Apple released iOS 5 out into the wild yesterday, things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Okay, that’s probably putting it a bit lightly – it was an absolute mess.

Users who eagerly attempted to update their devices were met with one of several issues along the way. Due to the volume of people trying to download the update at once, the servers became unstable, and some were met with long waiting times just to download the update – or worse, the dreaded error 3200, among others.

In some of the more extreme cases, users were reporting that their iPhone was temporarily ‘bricked’. Fortunately, most of the errors, including the temporary bricking of iPhones, seem to have been fixed now that the servers aren’t under such a heavy load.

The issues users were experiencing downloading the update may be more or less over now, but new problems are beginning to pop up for users who have successfully updated their device. Over on the Apple support forums, users are reporting application crashes, lost applications, iCloud syncing issues, missing contacts and, even worse, a complete bricking of their device after updating to iOS 5.

Apple has yet to release a statement about the issues users have been experiencing, but with the volume of people voicing their complaints over on Twitter, Facebook and even the Apple support forums, it’s safe to say they’re at least aware of it.

Have you experienced any problems after updating your device to iOS 5?

Sources: Apple forums, InformationWeek, USA Today