'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' To Get New Cut, Featuring 100% More Anna Paquin

Good news, Rogue fans. X-Men: Days of Future Past will be having a director's cut, and not only will it feature ten minutes of extra footage, but, according to Variety, it will also contain a full subplot involving Anna Paquin's Rogue, who was practically absent from the theatrical release, save for a single-shot cameo.

Before X-Men: Days Of Future Past's release earlier this year, the future of the X-Men franchise was a bit dubious. Sure, the films had made boat loads, but following the huge catastrophe that was X-Men: The Last Stand (which despite fan and critical outcry, is the most financially successful X-Men film to date in the U.S.), the franchise has had trouble getting its mojo back. The news behind the pre-production and filming of Days of Future Past wasn't always reassuring. From Matthew Vaughn leaving the director's chair, to the underwhelming first look at Quicksilver, the film seemed like it could either be fantastic or a jumbled mish-mash of garbage. Luckily for fans and moviegoing audiences, the former turned out to be true.

However, one aspect that seemed to bother fans was the fact that Anna Paquin's Rogue was cut quite heavily from the movie. Initially, however, it wasn't clear just how much she was cut, but in an interview with Empire, the writer Simon Kinberg opened up on how Paquin's character was initially supposed to contribute to the older Professor X and Magneto's "last mission."

"The Rogue subplot was originally there because I wanted a mission for the older Charles and Eric to do, something like 'Unforgiven' – two last gunslingers, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman – that kind of a mission for them. I just loved the idea of that. Nothing in the story necessitated that, but just for a lark, I thought it would be a cool thing to see, because we may never see it again."

It is unclear if the filmmakers intend to include all of Anna Paquin's scenes or just a few key ones. On top of the supposed "last mission" that was cut, Rogue also had a large role to play in the latter half of the film. However, Kinberg mentioned the issues this brought to the table.

"I thought it would increase the urgency and the stakes of the plot in the future, but it actually does the opposite, because it makes you feel like there is an answer out there. You think once Rogue gets here, we'll have an unlimited amount of time. The ticking clock that we'd established with Kitty getting wounded and losing her powers."

With this in mind, it is a wonder if this "Rogue Cut" will cheapen the experience as a whole or enhance it for fans. This extended version of X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be available the first half of next year, several months after the theatrical cut, which hits Blu-ray on October 14.

Is the "Rogue Cut" worth waiting for or will you be hitting up the theatrical release instead? Let us know below!