‘Teen Mom’ Star Chelsea Houska Admits She Has A Twerking Video

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska may take parenting of her daughter very seriously, as seen on the previous episodes of the show. She has been very active in addressing issues with Adam Lind’s various arrests, Taylor Halbur’s behavior in posting pictures to Instagram with Aubree, and even addressing issues that Aubree herself brings to her attention.

But this mother also knows how to have fun. As seen on Teen Mom, Chelsea Houska does make time for her friends, even though she is a single mother. And all of their talks aren’t about on Adam. This week, Chelsea was hanging out with her friend, Chelsey Grace, who shared some funny news about Houska.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska was put on the spot when her friend announced that Houska was twerking up a storm in a pull-up. And Chelsea herself was quick to admit that this was indeed filmed.

But don’t expect to see this video anytime soon. Unless Chelsea gets hacked, she isn’t planning on anyone seeing the video. And she has her reasons. Given how people reacted to Houska’s scene on Teen Mom last week about Taylor’s Instagram photo, Chelsea simply feels that people would overreact and lash out at her.

But that doesn’t mean that the video is useless. While the world may not see the video, Aubree’s future boyfriend may. A girl named Nicole Asbury had a great idea for the video.

“Hahahah save that sh*t, one day when Aubs is hanging out with boys it will come in handy to scare em away,” Nicole suggested.

Even though Chelsea Houska has no plans of releasing this video, it is great to see that she can still be young and have fun with her friends. Just because she is a mother doesn’t mean that she can’t have fun and make goofy videos. It would be quite another thing if she filmed it in front of Aubree and released it to the internet with the goal of getting attention.

According to The Inquisitr, Chelsea Houska was ripped apart last week after she slammed Taylor’s Instagram picture on Teen Mom. Fans had been hoping that she would get a backbone, but when she decided to speak out, some people called her rude and disrespectful. In addition, she went after Adam Lind because Aubree got injured while in his care. It isn’t surprising that she is keeping this video to herself.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska making a twerking video?

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