‘Teen Mom’ Star Chelsea Houska: Viewers Upset With Her Change In Attitude

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been filming the show since she shared her story on 16 & Pregnant and back then, people felt sorry for her. Adam Lind was not very supportive and he texted Chelsea to give him the papers so he could sign over the rights to her for “that mistake.” He has since changed his tune, but many viewers had hoped that Chelsea would move from on him.

Chelsea Houska appeared to be very weak during the first couple of years of Aubree’s life, as she hoped for Adam to come back to her. Many felt that her story line was only about Adam and it got repetitive to watch. And now that Houska feels that she has changed, viewers are not necessarily enjoying the change.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has gained more confidence, but viewers are not enjoying this new girl. She went from having no backbone, according to viewers, to someone who just seems unhappy and downright rude. Chelsea believes that she has grown up, but confidence should not be confused with being rude and disrespectful.

Chelsea Houska seemed very upset with her ex-boyfriend, because he was bringing their daughter around his new girlfriends. Throughout Aubree’s young life, Chelsea hasn’t dated anyone. It is only recently that she decided to try dating. According to The Inquisitr, Houska is currently in a relationship with someone new.

Fans of the show may have reacted to the way Chelsea handled the situation with Taylor Halbur. On this week’s episode of Teen Mom, Chelsea Houska discovered that Adam’s ex-girlfriend Taylor had taken a picture with Aubree and posted it on her own Instagram. Given the attention these girls get, Chelsea felt that she was just doing it to get more attention from fans of the show.

After texting her, Chelsea spewed her anger at her friend, saying how she thought the situation was just wrong. Taylor replied, telling Houska that Aubree had asked to see her. She reminded her that Taylor’s daughter is indeed Aubree’s sister and that the two should see one another.

Chelsea Houska could have handled the situation differently. Even though she claims that she has moved on, she could handle these situations with maturity. Growing a backbone doesn’t mean that she has to be rude and disrespectful to others in her life.

Do you think that Chelsea Houska has changed for the better?

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