The NASA Rover On Mars Finds Traffic Light, Ball, And Much More

The Mars Curiosity rover has discovered something important: there are many strange rocks on Mars. That discovery is great news for conspiracy theorists and UFO lovers who have been able to find numerous objects indicating complex life and even civilization. Of course, odds are they’re just unusual rocks.

British UFO enthusiast Joseph White originally spotted the Martian traffic signal from this rover photo:

Can you see the traffic light?

It truly takes a pair of keen eyes and an imagination to spot that particular strange rock. White says he is a regular Mars watcher and believes the rock is clearly created by some sort of intelligent design. White explained how he found the rock.

“I have been following the images from NASA since the start and I flick through them on the NASA website every day, I saw this one and I thought ‘Hang on, that looks a bit strange.'”

The traffic light came about a week after a more startling discovery, a ball:

This rock is very spherical, a little too spherical.

Is it a Martian soccer ball? volley ball? Did an ancient Martian civilization not have rubber and had to kick perfectly round rocks?

Problem with this theory is the that the stone is about one centimeter in diameter, according to NASA.

The recent sightings go into a long list of finds on Mars that also include a shin bone.

The NASA Mars rover has made a number of other discoveries that are not related to strange looking stones. After more than a year of study around its landing site in Yellowknife Bay, the rover has found that the ancient lake-bed environment may have had all the ingredients necessary for life to thrive 3 billion years ago. Granted, that life was probably only microbes.

To conduct a more specific search for signs of life, NASA is planning to send another rover to Mars. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that rover is schedule to arrive in 2020.

In the meantime, the Mars Curiosity rover has left the bay and climbed Mount Sharp. The 5 mile journey took 15 months, but it may all be worth it. The rover has since drilled into the ground in order to figure out more about the chemical compositions of ancient Martian fluids.

Some Mars watchers should be happy to know that the rover is actually not alone. Recently the NASA vehicle made contact with an Indian spacecraft that just recently came into orbit.

[Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS]