Lisa Irwin: Private investigator joins the search

Former New York police officer and current private security consultant Bill “Wild Bill” Stanton joined the search effort for missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin, Stanton revealed today.

Stantold told reporters that he was hired by a wealthy family to search for the missing baby girl, but he didn’t disclose who had hired him.

While Stanton will certainly be welcome help in the investigation, which is is currently still slow-moving, but a spokeswoman for the Kansas City police said that Stanton won’t have access to any sensitive information, including the case files.

Stanton told reporters that he’s here “to seek the truth.”

“We know she’s out there, and we know what the obvious focus is,” he said. “We want to expand that focus.”

Earlier today, Kansas City police expanded their search to a wooded area near Northeast 34th Street and North Brighton Avenue, according to KMBC 9. The search wasn’t initiated due to a specific tip, but in the interest of thoroughness.

Lisa Irwin went missing from her home on one week ago on October 4. She was discovered to be missing after her father, Jeremy Irwin, came home from a late shift at around 4 a.m. that morning. After checking on his two sons, he noticed an opened window at the front of the house, and found that his daughter was gone.

Despite extensive efforts by the Kansas City police, authorities still aren’t any closer to finding out where Irwin was taken. There were claims recently that the baby’s mother, Deborah Bradley, was a suspect in the case, but Sgt. Stacey Graves of the Kansas City police stated that there are currently no suspects in the case.

[Image: Orlin Wagner/AP]

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