Lisa Irwin Case Stumps Authorities, Missing Baby’s Parents ‘Cooperative’

Police admit that in the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin, who disappeared from her crib without a trace in the middle of the night, that they have “next to nothing” to go on as they plead for help from the public.

Baby Lisa Irwin was placed in her crib by her mother at 10:30 PM Monday, but when her father checked on her at 4 AM, the child was nowhere to be found. Police were called immediately, and Officer Darin Snapp of the Kansas City Police indicates that a window in the baby’s room appeared to have been “tampered with.” Snapp indicates that police are “conducting an area canvas, knocking on doors and talking to anyone that was in the area that night.”

Snapp says authorities believe the baby was abducted and that the kidnapper entered and exited through the bedroom window. One neighborhood witness reported seeing an individual walking down the street late at night with a baby in a diaper, but no further information has been released about that particular lead.

Police Captain Steve Young confirmed to press that Irwin’s parents were being held and questioned, but that nothing seemed “hinky” about their version of events. Young conveys that the parents are being cooperative, and the captain also says investigators are frustrated at the lack of progress in the case thus far- but will press on until Irwin is found:

“You can say they are being held, but you can also say they are being cooperative… They’re an essential part of the investigation, and we’re continuing to talk to them.

“…Usually we find the kid pretty quickly,” Young said. “But, so far, we’re in the afternoon and we haven’t broken anything yet… Time’s crucial and I’m sure our detectives are becoming frustrated, but we’re on it and gonna fire back up this morning.”

The fear and frustration in authorities is palpable in a plea made to the public for information voiced by Snapp:

“We have no eyewitnesses and a six-hour time frame when the child could have been abducted… We need any help at all… We are pleading that if anyone saw anything, to contact us. It might be that small piece [of information] that puts everything together.”

Police are working through interviewing Irwin family friends and relatives to rule them out as suspects.

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