Derrick Levasseur’s ‘Big Brother 16’ Backyard Interview: Winner Was Confident, But Surprised And Shocked

Derrick Levasseur won Big Brother 16 Wednesday night and fans were anxious to hear more from him after the finale. The win wasn’t much of a surprise to most viewers, but many can share their admiration and respect for how Derrick managed to make it happen. Of course, Jeff Schroeder talked with Derrick in the backyard after the finale and fans won’t want to miss what he had to say.

Jeff Schroder’s backyard interview with Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur showed that the BB16 star was still in quite a bit of shock and awe that he had won. Derrick says that he found the game stressful as he never took a second off from playing to just relax. Levasseur says that he always remembered that a moment he took off might be the moment another houseguest strategized and came up with a plan to get rid of him.

Interestingly the BB16 winner says that he made some big adjustments early in the game when he got into the house and saw how young the cast was. He says that the beanie and glasses he wore often early on aren’t really his style, but he added them as part of his persona to blend in with the young group. Once the social part of the game became less important, he shed those things and became a bit more himself again.

Derrick says that being called one of the best Big Brother players ever is something he can’t even fathom right now. The Big Brother 16 winner says he never considered taking Victoria over Cody had he won the final Head of Household competition. Derrick says he wasn’t happy that he lost that final HOH challenge, but he wasn’t too worried as he was confident Cody Calafiore would keep him. Derrick added that Cody is a “trustworthy kid.”

What comes next for Derrick after winning Big Brother 16? He says that his undercover days are obviously over, though he has been working as a sergeant most recently. Now that Levasseur walked away from the show with some serious cash, it sounds like he may be changing things up a bit when it comes to his work.

Derrick told Zap2It that both he and Cody were surprised that the final vote wasn’t closer. They thought it would be more of a coin toss, though he’s not necessarily surprised he won. After being questioned by the jury, Levasseur felt he either had won them over or that they had already been leaning in his favor.

Would Derrick do an All-Stars season if asked? He notes that the timing would have to be right but that it would be a tremendous opportunity to do it again. Many Big Brother 16 fans would love to see Derrick Levasseur play again, since he would have to come up with an entirely different strategy to stick around again. Would you like to see him play again?

[Image via Shaw Media]