Terrorist Warning: New York And Paris Subways Are Targets Of ISIS Attack

An intelligent operation in Iraq has uncovered a plot to initiate attacks on the busy subway systems of New York and Paris. Iraq’s prime minister, Haider Al-Abadi, claims that his intelligence operation was informed of the attack by Baghdad on Thursday, and that the threat is real. The instigators of the attacks were revealed to be ISIS militants. When asked if an actual attack was imminent, he simply replied, “Yes.” Al-Abadi was also asked whether the attacks have been thwarted. His response was simply, “No.”

Al-Abadi met with journalists after the United Nations general assembly, and shared the warnings of the upcoming attacks. He stated that he has relayed the information to American and Parisian leaders to plan for any attacks.

The extent that ISIS will go to get their message across is evident in the horrendous tactics that they have used thus far. The beheading of journalists and young Christian children sent waves of disgust throughout the world, yet with the force used against them, there seems to be no stopping them. At face value, ISIS appears to be more dangerous and destructive than the Al Qaeda that was around in 2001.

The threat of ISIS attacking the New York subway system is frightening. The thought that sleeper cells are here in the United States awaiting the call to action may be more frightening. Democatic senator Bill Nelson of Florida shared his views om ISIS and the real threat that they pose.

“This is a terrorist group the likes of which we haven’t seen before, and we better stop them now. It ought to be pretty clear when they start cutting off the heads of journalists and say they’re going to fly the black flag of ISIS over the White House that ISIS is a clear and present danger.”

New York City and Paris may only be a testing ground for their international terrorist attacks. If successful, there is no telling where they may show up next.

CNN has shared the American fear that ISIS is living in the United States and that most Americans would support militant action.

“Americans are increasingly concerned that ISIS represents a direct terror threat, fearful that ISIS agents are living in the United States, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll. Most now support military action against the terrorist group.”

News of the subway attacks is still fresh, and there is little, if any, further information. As new information arrives, updates will be supplied.

[Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail]