Ramona Singer Is Living With Mario: He Has Legal Right To New York Home

Ramona Singer may have been stubborn when filming The Real Housewives of New York reunion show, particularly when Andy Cohen was asking about her marital status. At the time, Ramona had learned about the affair that Mario Singer was having, but she hadn’t decided to file for divorce. That decision came weeks later, so she was trying to put on a happy face during the reunion.

Ramona Singer hasn’t said much about her marriage, other than she is ready to move forward without her husband. She has filed the papers, and Mario has started walking around the streets of New York with his mistress, Kasey Dexter. Now that the long-lasting affair has been made public, he has no problem stepping out with his love interest.

According to a new Celebeat report, Ramona Singer may have filed for divorce, but she is letting Mario live with her in their New York apartment, which has been the setting for many scenes on The Real Housewives of New York. Even though she wants to move on, he has legal rights to the apartment.

Mario is “sleeping in daughter Avery’s bedroom since she’s in college,” a source revealed, adding, “Ramona’s freaking out, but they both have rights to the home until the divorce is settled. She’s stuck with him.”

Apparently, Ramona Singer had left him a note, saying that he was not welcomed in their Hamptons home. It is no secret that Ramona absolutely loves spending time in the Hamptons, so that could be her retreat away from the divorce drama. According to The Inquisitr, Mario seems determined to stick with his lover, Kasey. No word on how their daughter, Avery Singer, feels about her father’s betrayal.

“I left him a note saying, ‘Please don’t come to the house in the Hamptons, and please get an apartment,” Ramona Singer recalled about the situation, saying, “I don’t want to see you anymore.’ And that was it.”

This has been a crazy year for Ramona Singer. Not only is she dealing with the divorce from her husband, but her role on The Real Housewives of New York is also in question. It has been rumored that she has been downgraded to a friends of the wives, but she is questioning whether she even wants to do that. Ramona could give Bravo an ultimatum – full cast-member or nothing.

Are you surprised Ramona Singer is letting Mario stay in their shared New York home?

[Image via Ramona Singer Blogs]