Richard Dawkins Announces That Aliens Probably Don’t Have Sex Because It’s Too Problematic: Who Knew?

When he’s not busy telling people what they can and cannot believe, Richard Dawkins appears to delight in making the sort of statements that beggar belief.

Old mighty mouth has upset the apple cart on a number of occasions because he’s a man of many opinions and doesn’t believe in keeping them to himself. This is just as well because a good joke should always be shared.

Take Dawkins’s latest rib-tickler, for instance. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, the argumentative atheist argued that finding alien life could be key to discovering why we have male and females, instead of a range of genders

“Does there have to be sex in an alien world? I think probably not. It’s not at all clear what sex is doing anyway. It’s problematic enough. I wouldn’t put my shirt on there being sex in an alien world If there is sex, why just two sexes? Why not three or four?”

Cynics would suggest that Richard Dawkins, for god knows what reasons, has spent considerable time contemplating the sex life of aliens. Can such a thing ever be justified in the name of science? I know a man who thinks it can. Over to you, Dawkins.

“One outstandingly unanswered question about evolution is what’s sex for? Sex would be unlikely to be common between different life forms, but discovering alien life could teach us about evolutionary principles.”

As you can see, Dawkins spends a lot of time talking about sex as a function, as a utility. In the brutal world of the evolutionist, it would seem sex is not about love, but is instead reduced to a mere function, a tool with which to breed superior stock, Darwin style.

Dawkins apparently believes aliens are looking down on us poor cavemen, and would regard sex as a messy complication between two people. In fact, the act could be eradicated if the human race could only get their act together and learn to reproduce by laying eggs like our feathered friends.

Of course, according to Dawkins and his ilk, god definitely doesn’t exist, but aliens do. What’s more, these extraterrestrials are probably vastly superior and enlightened beings who could potentially be the savior of mankind. Almost sounds kind of religious, doesn’t it?

Although Dawkins states that religion has arisen in every single civilization that anthropologists have ever looked at, which is kind of telling in itself, he argues that any aliens enlightened enough to reach earth will be more like him and other atheists than any demented Bible-basher.

“I suppose it’s plausible that any alien life form which is on the way to developing the sort of technology that’s capable of reaching us would be likely to go through a preliminary phase of uncertain groping in the dark.

“Before they hit upon truths like Newton’s laws, which are universal, and Einstein’s theory of gravitation, which is also universal, they might well go through a phase of groping in the dark. It’s something we might recognize as religion.”

“Groping in the dark?” Sounds like Dawkins is obsessed. Lord have mercy.