Zsa Zsa Gabor Could Face Further Surgery

Zsa Zsa Gabor may require further surgery, after complications developed following her emergency operation at the weekend. Sunday’s surgery was initially deemed a success, but it has now emerged the feeding tube Gabor had replaced may not be secure.

The Hungarian-born socialite and actress was rushed into hospital on Saturday after losing consciousness; she had been suffering from a fever and bleeding from her existing feeding tube.

The 94-year-old, star of Moulin Rouge (1952) and The Girl in the Kremlin (1957), was originally expected to return home by midweek, but on Tuesday the star’s rep, John Blanchette, warned the new tube could yet cause another infection.

Health issues have plagued Gabor since a car accident in 2002 and a stroke in 2005. In January of this year, her right leg was amputated above the knee to prevent the spread of gangrene.

Her health woes have been accompanied by a fierce legal battle between her daughter Francesca Hilton and her husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt. Hilton wishes to have visitation rights to see her mother, and also an independent evaluation of Zsa Zsa’s mental and physical health.

Meanwhile, von Anhalt is currently selling her Bel-Air home at a reduced price to cover the mounting medical bills. This despite the fact he reportedly spent $68,000 on a billboard as a 25th anniversary gift to Gabor in July.

Naturally, everybody at The Inquisitr wishes this grand old gal a speedy and smooth recovery.