Former WWE Star Tyson Tomko Robs CVS Pharmacy, Shoots Up In Chili’s Bathroom

Former WWE Star Tyson Tomko was arrested in Florida on Monday after he was caught injecting stolen pain medicine while hiding out in a Chili’s restaurant bathroom.

Tomko, a wrestler from 2002 through 2009 has been accused of robbing a CVS Pharmacy on October 10th after he threatened to attack the pharmacist if they didn’t hand over several bottles of the prescription narcotic Oxycodone.

According to the pharmacist Tomko made off with 210 tablets of the drug. After stealing the prescription pills Tomko asked a Chili’s server for a spoon, when she return he asked for a “deeper” spoon and then headed into the bathroom for 30 to 40 minutes.

When restaurant staff realized that something was wrong local police were tipped off and found Tomko in the bathroom with “needle marks and blood running down his arm”

According to the official police report Tomko was flushing something down the toilet when police arrived in the restroom bathroom.

After being taken into custody Tomko told police he had a “severe drug problem.”

Before being apprehended police say he crushed up and melted down 178 pills which he then injected into his body. Tomoko is adamant in his claim that he never threatened the pharmacist.

After being taken to a local hospital for observation Tomko was booked for robbery and his bond was set at $7,500.

Given the dependence on pain killers that many professional athletes rely on does it surprise you that a 7-year veteran of the WWE developed an addiction to powerful pain medications such as Oxycodone?