Tim McGraw’s Slap Victim Jesslyn Taylor Speaks Out For The First Time

Tim McGraw just had a new album released and everybody’s excited to hear the singer’s latest country tunes. The album, entitled Sundown Heaven Town, was developed with Byron Gallimore, legendary producer who was the mind behind the mic for McGraw’s past 12 albums. The Overrated singer is optimistic that the new album will break new records as fans expect the latest offering to be Tim’s best album yet. On iTunes alone, positive reviews dominate the comments section with people commending the singer for bringing back his original style.

However, despite the album’s overflowing positive response, Tim’s concert slap incident last July continues to haunt him today. Saving Country Musicreported in July that the alleged victim, Jesslyn Taylor, was demanding an apology for being on the receiving end of a celebrity slap from Tim McGraw, who reportedly hit her on the head after Taylor allegedly tried to touch the singer’s man parts. According to some sources, the country legend was so offended that he went back for a second round of slappin’ until one of Jesslyn’s friends pulled her back from the crowd to avoid further embarrassment.

Fortunately, McGraw and his alleged victim were able to reach a settlement in private, effectively putting an end to the whole incident. However, two months after the slap-o-rama occurred, Jesslyn is speaking with Radar for the first time to discuss her side of the events that occurred before, during, and after her painful encounter with her idol.

The fan admits she has had a few drinks during the Tim McGraw concert but claims she was in no way trying to reach for Tim’s groin area. According to her, McGraw was approaching her side of the concert catwalk when she had her hands up in the air, trying to film her incoming idol do some sweet country moves.

“I was at the concert, Tim came out on the catwalk, walking across the bar where everybody was, everybody was excited, hands up in the air, filming and I was filming. Just excited. He bent down to sing to me, and I reached up, hit him on the leg, two of my fingers got stuck in his jeans, when he turned to walk away it ripped a hole in his jeans,”

She says after she accidentally ruined the singer’s jeans, Tim McGraw slapped her hand away and hit her in the head “very hard.”

“He slapped my hand away then he turned back slapped me in the head very hard. I fell backwards. And then he actually reared back to hit me again, but a fan on the opposite side of the stage grabbed his arm and stopped him.”

Although Tim McGraw’s fans had mixed reactions to the whole event, many were undeniably dismayed by Tim’s immediate reaction to her fan’s actions, especially that he was performing at an intimate event where fans were expected to get up close and personal with him. Nevertheless, what’s important is that it has all been settled and McGraw and his fan can put the incident to rest.

Tim McGraw will be performing at Hidalgo, Texas on October 8.

[Image from Mark Runyon/Flickr]