Tim McGraw: ‘Being As Normal As Possible’ Keeps His Marriage To Faith Hill Strong

Tim McGraw has a new album, and it’s totally rocking our country boots off. Sundown Heaven Town, his 13th studio album, is now available on iTunes, and has so far received positive reviews from critics. The chemistry between McGraw and his record producer, Byron Gallimore, who has been the mind behind the mic for all of the singer’s 12 previous albums, has made new strides as the latest offering is expected to reach groundbreaking heights in the country charts.


Despite his numerous achievements in music, Tim McGraw has undeniably been the target of a longstanding divorce rumor that has plagued he and his wife Faith Hill for more than a year. Numerous stories claim a Tim-Faith split is impending, and while there hasn’t been any hard evidence to support an oncoming divorce, stories keep flying everywhere, with the latest one being about the alleged sale of Tim and Faith’s $20 million mansion.

However, Tim McGraw reassures fans that everything is happy and well between him and Hill. In an interview with E! Online, McGraw proves that his relationship with Hill is not about to hit the ground and is actually stronger than ever. When asked about the endurance of his 18 years of marriage to Faith, Tim says “being as normal as possible” greatly helped keep their rumor-magnet relationship from failing.

“I think, for us, being as normal as possible and raising our family and being in a family situation as much as possible…Certainly it’s different because of what we both do, but we try to keep it as much of a family environment that we can.”

Tim McGraw also makes sure that work stays outside the house. McGraw, who often performs on stage with Faith, says they leave the music at the doorsteps and enjoy family time without the Hollywood hassle.

“And most of the time… we try to make that the priority and the primary time that we spend. For us, we leave the front doors when we go to work, but when we’re home, we don’t talk about none of the music that much…It’s a whole different world.”

Commenting on the passion for the music they share, Tim says that their craft has actually helped keep their relationship strong. Speaking about his wife’s talents for country in an interview with Oprah earlier this year, McGraw reveled in the fact that he can sing and tour with his wife whenever he wants.

“The chances that we’ve gotten to tour together, sing together, I mean, how many people get to do that in their lives?”

Tim McGraw will appear on the film Tomorrowland, which is set to open on theaters next year.

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