Human Flesh Burger: Chef Reveals Secret Ingredients In Gruesome Lunch Special

Is a human flesh burger coming to a restaurant near you? A lunch special that only Jeffrey Dahmer would appreciate is in the works, with HLN reporting that London Chef Jim Thomlinson has done “intensive research” with real-life cannibals to figure out how to make a burger that tastes just like fresh human meat.

Before you get outraged at the thought of this gruesome creation, rest assured that Thomlinson is not using real human meat in his experimental burger. Mama Mia reports that the quirky chef is simply experimenting with different ingredients that, when combined, taste like a human.

While it’s reassuring to know Jim won’t be serving up any real cannibal burgers at his London restaurant, The Terminus Tavern, it begs the question: How on earth does the chef know what human meat tastes like?

human flesh burger ingredients

HLN states that the chef did “intensive research” on human flesh, using real-life cannibals as a reference, including journalist William Seabrook, who wrote about his not-so-delightful consumption of a human being back in the 1920s.

“It was not like any other meat I had ever tasted. It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal.”

The chef told The Daily Star that instead of human flesh, he had to settle on using pork, veal, chicken livers, and bone marrow to imitate the taste of human meat. Thomlinson states that his normal fare is typically inspired by fresh produce, so this cannibal-inspired burger is “a little odd.”

Most normal humans would agree that researching and trying to create a human flesh burger is indeed odd. Here’s to hoping the chef’s nauseating creation won’t inspire real cannibals to create the real thing.

[Images: MetroTime, The London Mess]