President Obama ‘Latte Salute’: Obama’s ‘Un-Presidential’ Salute To Marines With Coffee Cup In Hand [Video]

President Obama executed a “latte salute” to a pair of Marines while holding a cup of coffee in his hand. New York Daily News reports that the incident occurred in Manhattan as Obama was heading to the United Nations for a meeting about airstrikes in Syria. He was stepping off the Marine One helicopter and didn’t have his right hand free to make a proper salute.

As the video reveals below, Obama quickly saluted the Marine guards as though it was more of a hindrance than respected protocol. A significant amount of criticism is hitting the President for this move.

One Marine voices his disapproval over Obama’s coffee cup salute.

“Saluting with a cup of coffee?! I love Obama, but as a Marine I disapprove of that 100%.”

As ABC News reports, the video of President Obama executing a “latte salute” to the Marine Corps guards is drawing a lot of criticism from Instagram users.

Many users on the social media site are calling Obama’s quick, half-hearted salute “un-presidential.”

“Hopefully it was just a slip by this President,” one user wrote.

As with anything controversial, there are others who don’t see what the big ruckus is all about. One of the commenters believes everyone should focus on more pressing matters.

“People are dying from disease, abuse or even hunger. Priorities.”

There were several others who posted their disgust in President Obama’s “latte salute.”

“When trying to lead a coalition, show the world you respect the military. This isn’t just Tuesday, it’s the morning after war. #LatteSalute”

“Say what you want about Bush, but at least he respected men & women in uniform”

While it’s mandatory for U.S. service members in uniform to salute the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief isn’t required to return the salute. It’s believed that President Reagan set that standard back in 1981.

As NY Daily News adds in its report, Obama isn’t the first President to fumble a salute. President George W. Bush executed a salute while holding his dog, Barney, back in 2006.

For the National Republican Congressional Committee, the President Obama “latte salute” video is something they’re using to get donations from “the offended,” Huffington Post writes.

“(T)his might be the most absurd video of President Obama we’ve ever seen.”

Is too much being made of the salute Obama gave the Marines while stepping off the helicopter or should he have shown more respect for those in uniform?

[Image via NY Daily News]

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