ISIS Used The Leaked Info President Obama Gave Them Against America

The situation with ISIS has grown more treacherous over the last few months, especially when it comes to our way of living here in the United States. Before, ISIS was just a major threat in the Middle East, but with reports of their infiltration here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, it is apparent they are a problem that needs to be rectified. Reports that prove their presence in the U.S. includes their involvement at Fort Bliss, in which they had a terror cell just fifteen minutes away.

Now it seems that our president, Barack Obama, may have helped the terrorist organization thanks to his leaking of information. This will now make finding hostages a lot harder for American military personnel.

According to an article by the Conservative Tribute, the government seems to be messing up with the situation with ISIS. First, the U.S. government refused to negotiate with ISIS for the release of hostages. What is surprising is they also threatened the families of the hostages too by preventing families from raising ransom funds for securing the release of the hostages on their own. The saddening part of the beheading tragedy is that details of the failed mission for the journalists was leaked to the press from the Obama Administration, and probably the primary reason why it failed in the first place is because the go-ahead order was ignored by President Obama himself until it was too late.

This now brings us full circle to the leaked info being used against the United States. According to Fox News, because of the information of the failed rescue missions leaking, ISIS kidnappers were able to disperse their remaining hostages which, once again, will now make finding hostages a lot harder for American military personnel.

Intelligence sources also claim that ISIS has more than doubled the guard around the hostages, and has changed up some of their tactics due to the knowledge the the U.S. military are utilizing drones and satellites. Nevertheless, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), who is chairman of House Homeland Security Committee who receives regular intelligence briefs made a statement about the leak.

“Any time you [disclose] very highly sensitive tactical information, you’re giving away your road map if you will, your strategy. It’s very damaging to the hostages.”

Apparently, the reason why the Obama Administration leaked the information about the failed rescue mission is to get ahead of the story, which they claim was bound to come out soon. It kind of sounds as if the Obama Administration sacrificed the nation’s security for personal relations.

What do you think about President Barack Obama and his administration’s information leak being used against us? Did the Obama Administration blunder a move in our war against ISIS or were they being tactical? Please let us know in the comments below.