Angela Coates Viral Mugshot Is The Female’s Jeremy Meeks, Bail ‘Suitors’ Line Up

Angela Coates’ viral mugshot is so smoking-hot, many on the internet are calling the glamorous model the female’s answer to Jeremy Meeks. The sexy snap easily qualifies her for having the “World’s Sexiest Mugshot.”

Coates is a 22 year-old model, who was born in Tampa, Florida, but calls Miami home. The former “Beauty of the Week” for Jet Magazine was arrested on disorderly conduct last month in Dekalb County, Georgia. And because booking photos in most police precincts are of public record, when Angela’s was posted on the internet, users on social media went viral, and that’s putting it lightly.

Angela Coates’ viral hot mugshot looks more like the cover of Vogue or any of the other popular beauty magazines. Her eyebrows are perfectly trimmed as if they were airbrushed or painted on with the mastery of an artist’s steady hand. Her lips are full and pucker-ready for the camera. However, it’s the alluring stare into the camera that knocks one to their knees, citing a post Tuesday by The Mirror.

Needless to say, the model’s mugshot went viral, and in just 24 hours, it had been shared on Facebook over 20,000 times. It’s odd to see the charming brunette in a pickle, given that her profile says she enjoys ballet, baking and designing shoes.

Angela Coates’ sexy booking photo put women in the running for being hot and good-looking even when they’re not camera-ready and all dolled up. Before her mug graced the internet, Jeremy Meeks got women all hot and bothered by his booking snap.

Recall that Meeks’ photo went viral when word got out about the convicted felon, who was arrested back in June in Stockton, California on alleged weapons charges and ties to gangs. However, that didn’t stop scores of women from becoming smitten by his dreamy eyes.

Social media went aflame, a fund was set up to pay his reported $900,000 bail and here’s the kicker: rumors cropped up that agencies were lining up to offer Meeks modeling contacts upon his release. However, none of that buzz was ever confirmed.

Nevertheless, as the mania crashed and burn with Jeremy, so will the internet hysteria surrounding Angela’s glamor shot from the Georgia jail.

Although many are still trembling in their trousers over Angela Coates’ viral mugshot, the voluptuous model was released from jail the same night of her arrest. Her bail: a mere $360. Sorry guys — and gals.

[Image via: The Mirror, Jezebel, DailyMail]