Rob Bironas Allegedly Tried To Run Woman Off Road Before Fatal Crash

The tragedy of Rob Bironas’ fatal car crash has taken an unexpected turn. On Tuesday, a report surfaced in which a woman called 911 and claimed the former NFLer tried to run her off the road. The phone call came in just after 11 p.m. on the night of the accident and raises questions about the state of mind of Rob Bironas before he “lost control” of his 2009 SUV and collided with a grove of trees just off the road he was traveling down.

According to Yahoo, shortly after the crash the woman placed the call to emergency response units. “He tried to run my husband and I off the road,” the woman said. “He gave us this freaky look and then he just sped on past us… We let him go on past us and then we saw all this smoke… He gave us this mean look. We don’t even know him and he tried to run us off the road.”

USA Today reports, the next morning the woman and her husband gave police a detailed account of the alleged road rage incident involving Rob Bironas. While it would be tragic if this was indeed a case of Rob Bironas having road rage to the point where he actually ran himself off the road, the story seems to add up. The 36-year-old former kicker reportedly went off the road at a high rate of speed.

Just what contributed to the accident is still unknown. Rob Bironas was reported missing just before the accident by his wife, Rachel Bradshaw, who is the daughter of former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Recent police reports show the investigation into the crash is still ongoing and it could be “weeks” before things like a toxicology report is available.

The missing person report came because Rachel Bradshaw had thought Rob Bironas had gone to bed after the pair watched a movie. Around 10:30, she realized her husband wasn’t at home. She claims the couple hadn’t been arguing, and it will likely never be known exactly why Rob Bironas decided to go for a drive on that fateful night.

The death of the longtime Tennessee Titan sent shockwaves through the football community as well as through his friends and family. The team flew their flag at half-mast on Sunday, and the accident has brought an outpouring a grief from fans of the team. Those who knew Rob Bironas liked him and are shocked at his sudden loss.