’19 Kids And Counting’ Spoilers: Jill Duggar Tries On Wedding Dresses, Guys Have A Bonding Getaway

A new episode of 19 Kids & Counting airs Tuesday night on TLC and fans can’t wait. Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard is on the horizon, and it is time for the bride-to-be to pick a wedding dress. Fans are anxious for 19 Kids & Counting spoilers for the September 23 episode, and there are some tidbits available.

The new episode is titled “Jill Says Yes to the Dress” and 19 Kids & Counting fans can’t wait to see Jill try on wedding dresses. Jill, her mom Michelle and her oldest sisters will head to Washington D.C. for a special trip to bond and pick out a gown.

The show’s Facebook page teases that viewers will get to see Jill find her dream wedding dress, and it should be a fun episode. Will she find the perfect dress right away or will it be a challenge to come up with just the right thing?

The official TLC 19 Kids & Counting spoiler synopsis also notes that while the ladies are dress shopping, some of the men in the family will head out on a guys’ getaway. Jim Bob and John David will take Jill and Jessa’s significant others, Derick and Ben Seewald, on an outing to go zip lining and rock climbing.

Of course, fans who follow Jill and Derick outside of the show know that a lot has happened since these current episodes were filmed. The Dillards are expecting their first baby and they just passed the first-trimester mark. 19 Kids & Counting fans will get to see the Duggar-Dillard wedding in an episode soon, of course, but it seems it will be at or toward the end of this current season.

Naturally fans will be anxious for confirmation that the show will return for another season, though it seems to be a very safe bet. After all, 19 Kids & Counting fans will most definitely want to watch Jill Duggar’s pregnancy along with the baby’s birth.

In addition, Jessa Duggar’s engagement and wedding to Ben Seewald lie ahead as well. Jessa and Ben are getting married November 1, and most would bet there will be TLC cameras there to capture the exciting moments.

Will fans get to see Jill Duggar try on the dress in Tuesday’s episode that she ultimately wears in her wedding to Derick Dillard? Viewers will have to tune in to find out as “Jill Says Yes to the Dress” airs on TLC on Tuesday, September 23.

[Image via The Knot]