Is The Fappening About To Start Raining Men?

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Makayla Maroney, and Rihanna exposed by The Fappening’s nude celebrity leak. But so far, we’ve only seen two men fall prey to the scandal — Dave Franco, who was unlucky enough to be caught in a nude photo with Allison Brie and Justin Verlander in one with Kate Upton. But men in Hollywood are worried that The Fappening might be hitting them soon, reported TMZ.

TMZ quoted several anonymous male celebrities who told them that they were worried that The Fappening was soon going to release a batch of their own intimate pictures. Many have disconnected their devices from the iCloud, despite Apple’s assurances that their product was not responsible for The Fappening.

“We’re told the male celebs have contacted friends, former lovers and coworkers, warning them they may be phishing targets [due to The Fappening]. The guys think most of the hacking involves people connected to the celebs but not the celebs themselves. The guys we’ve spoke with all say they’re now changing their passwords weekly, and some now have phones that are not connected to the cloud. One male celeb who was hacked last year says he now has all his emails on a private server, and he’s alerted if anyone attempts to read them.”

Of course, now that The Fappening has bitten once, it will be much harder for such a large private pornography leak to happen again. Celebrities will forever be on the offensive with their digital material, especially when the memory is fresh of everything from child pornography to masturbation videos spread across internet for the world to see. Therefore, it’s not odd for male celebrities have upped their security, because female celebrities are obviously also taking extra precautions after the incident.

If The Fappening does go after men next, it will add some interesting depth to the conversation about The Fappening’s status as an anti-feminist sex crime. A Roxane Gay editorial in The Guardian appeared shortly after The Fappening that was critical of the lack of men in the photos, which went along with a debate in the media about whether or not the photos were a part of sexual violence against women.

“It goes without saying that there aren’t many nude photos of men being released [in The Fappening]. Men are largely free to bare their bodies as they choose without repercussion, unless… the man happens to be in a picture with a young woman, collateral damage.”

[Images via HD Wallpaper]