Man Gets Arm ‘Torn Off’ By Pet Bulldogs As Bystanders Attack With Golf Clubs

Dog Owner Has Arm Torn Off By Pets

A British man was attacked with such savagery and ferocity by two of his American bulldogs that an eyewitness has claimed his arm was “torn off.”

To be attacked by any dog is horrific but to be attacked by two out of control dogs whom you consider your pets, that redefines the meaning of the word hellish.

The incident occurred in Pittington, in the county of Durham, and in the aftermath of the sustained and bloody attack, the 47-year-old owner of the dogs was immediately rushed to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary. His injuries are said to be serious but not life-threatening.

Eyewitnesses allege that the man was screaming for help as his two dogs attacked. Brave bystanders rushed to his aid and attacked the American pitbulls with golf clubs and assorted garden tools, but the dogs would not cease in their brutality.

It is not yet known what, if anything, provoked the American bulldogs from turning on their former owner in such an aggressive manner, and although police would not confirm the nature of the man’s injuries, a bystander confirmed to The Daily Mail that the scene was vicious and brutal beyond belief.

“There was a man on the floor getting mauled by two big dogs. I’ve never seen something so vicious and brutal in my life. I saw blood and his arm was literally torn off, his clothes were torn or pulled off and he was just squirming about screaming for help and eventually it looked as if he just gave up.

“People were behind the dogs in a car beeping the horn constantly to try and scare the dogs away, while some other people were also hitting the dogs with garden tools and golf clubs, but no matter what the dogs would not stop.

“Eventually the dogs stopped and ran away, and while they were running one of them was hit by a car, several times I think, but it still continued to run away.

“Both dogs ended up missing and then that is when an ambulance and a police car arrived at the scene. Not too long after more police cars arrived and also a helicopter.”

With the two vicious and out of control American bulldogs on the loose, nearby residents were terrified for their safety. Their minds were put at ease after the police managed to shoot one dog, confirming it had been “humanely destroyed,” before they caught the other.

Reports indicate that the injured man had been seen regularly walking in the area with up to seven bulldogs prior to the incident.

Durham City Neighborhood Inspector Dave Coxon has confirmed that the other dog involved in the attack has been placed under lock and key until a decision can be made about it’s future.

“I can confirm that both dogs were quickly captured by police and it was necessary for reasons of public safety to humanely destroy one of the dogs.

“I understand this must have been a shocking incident for those witnessing it and I would like to thank those members of the public for their efforts in trying to assist the man.”