Hank Williams Jr. Writes Song Bashing Fox, ESPN

The battle between Hank Williams Jr. and ESPN has just begun. ESPN permanently dropped Hank’s “Are you Ready for Some Football” song from Monday Night Football after the country singer made a few controversial remarks on Fox and Friends. But Bocephus isn’t going down without a fight. Williams just wrote a new song bashing the two networks and asking fans to stop watching both channels.

Here are some lyrics from the new Hank Williams Jr. song:

“So Fox ‘n Friends wanna put me down / Ask for my opinion, Twist it all around.”

When Hank Williams Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends he referred to Obama as Hitler, called Joe Biden and President Obama the “Three Stooges,” and said that Obama was the enemy. Which of course, can be interpreted many different ways….

USA Today reports that the new Williams Jr. song also says that America is “going down the drain” on its way to becoming “The United Socialist States of America.”

He ends the song with a somewhat threatening line, saying “Well two can play that gotcha game you’ll see.”

The new song is expected to be on iTunes later today or tomorrow. Here’s a preview of the new song…. I think.

Williams doesn’t offer any solutions to the country’s problems, but he does seem to think that he should be the guy to fix them. Williams Jr. just started selling Hank Jr. for president T-Shirts.

What do you think of the Bocephus scandal? Do you agree with ESPN’s decision to drop Hank Williams Jr.?