Kate Hudson Ghost: Actress Claims She Has ‘Fifth Energy’ Like Her Mom Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson has seen a ghost, apparently. The actress claims that she has a sort of fifth energy… a sixth sense, if you will. According to NewsOXY, Kate shared the news during a recent interview. Not only did Kate say that she’s experiencing these feelings from beyond, but she also said that she follows a certain protocol when this sort of thing happens to her.

“Me and my mum Goldie can see dead people… It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit; a fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things,” Kate shared. “When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong there… When your brain is freaking out on you, you may have to remind it. Why is being dead funny?”

The Kate Hudson ghost story made headlines this weekend. The Bride Wars actress didn’t go into too much detail about what happens when these spirits come to her, but she was very serious about the experiences she said that she had. According to The SpreadIt, Kate obviously believes in ghosts and spirits. While there really isn’t a way to prove that what she says is true, many people actually have had experiences with people who have “crossed over,” which is the term for people who have died in medium speak.

Kate said that she has only seen one ghost, but that indicates that she does have the ability to see the beyond.

Ghost stories tend to be pretty popular, and a lot of people are fascinated with stuff like this. However, some know that messing with the dead isn’t exactly the best idea. According to The Inquisitr, a British couple was forced to move out of their home — and their marriage ended — after being driven crazy by spirits. The accounts of what happened to these people are chilling.

“I’d just finished cleaning and sat down at my kitchen table for a break when a strange feeling came over me. It felt as if my chair was wobbling and the tablecloth slid to the floor, taking a plant with it. Everything went out of focus but, as I fought hard to get myself together, I saw a misty cloud floating in front of the kitchen window. Slowly, it formed into the shapes of three stranger.”

Do you believe in spirits and/or ghosts? Do you believe that Kate Hudson has a sixth sense?

[Photo courtesy of Stylelist]