Family Flee From Haunted House After Exorcism Goes Wrong

A British couple has been forced to flee the place they call home and set up in a rented accommodation after living in their haunted house drove them to the point of insanity.

Deborah Rawson and her husband Kevin are just like any other ordinary married couple, but the terrible and nightmarish ordeal they were subjected to is far from ordinary.

Living in a haunted house nearly broke up the couple’s 23-year marriage, and even a home exorcism by a Catholic Priest priest, armed with a prayers and a bucket full of holy water, couldn’t save them from a home which appeared to be riddled with ghosts and things that didn’t go bump in the night as much as go boom in the night.

Let us begin at the beginning. After two decades of happy marriage in their Hull home, things started to go wrong for the Rawsons in a big way.

One day, after taking a well-earned break from the housework, 48-year-old Deborah was visited by not one, not two, but three apparitions from beyond the grave.

“I’d just finished cleaning and sat down at my kitchen table for a break when a strange feeling came over me. It felt as if my chair was wobbling and the tablecloth slid to the floor, taking a plant with it. Everything went out of focus but, as I fought hard to get myself together, I saw a misty cloud floating in front of the kitchen window. Slowly, it formed into the shapes of three strangers.”

“One was a good-looking bloke in his 30s in black trousers and a white shirt. A woman stood next to him, also about 30, in a long pink dress. On the floor was a little girl about five years old. She had mousy brown hair and red tights, and looked the picture of innocence.”

The Sunday People reported that Deborah was absolutely petrified and ran screaming from the house.

Priest performs the ritual of Exorcism.
Priest performs the ritual of Exorcism.

When her husband found his hysterical and shaking wife a few hours later, he gently suggested she see a doctor. His wife, not wanting or willing to believe she was living in a haunted house, agreed.

“I thought maybe I’d just had a funny turn. I went to the GP the next day and was given anti-depressants for anxiety.”

However, just as you can’t prevent a flood by lighting a fire, neither can you cure a haunted house with pills. Things soon took a turn for the worse.

Ghostly balls of light and strange scraping noises plagued Deborah’s every waking hour, but things quickly escalated when one day Deborah was subjected to the sensation of heavy breathing on her face.

“I was petrified,” says Deborah, and I shouted out, ‘Who’s there? “‘Claire!” a voice bellowed back. “Mark’s here, he’s watching you.”

“From then on I felt Mark wanted something from me, He would pull at my dress and one time it felt as if he had pinned me down on the sofa. Another night, as I was falling to sleep, the duvet flew off and I felt Mark’s hand on my thigh.”

Regular grunts and groans emitting from the bathroom at all sorts of ungodly hours spooked and scared Deborah even more, and as the ghostly sexual harassment continued, cracks in her marriage began to show, and Kevin moved out of the marital bed.

“My friends used to call my hubby Kevin the Kitten but he was acting strange, getting aggressive and annoyed at the drop of a hat,” says Deborah.

“One day he snapped and told me: ‘You’ve lost the plot with all this ghost stuff.’ We were petrified. Our creepy visitors were trying to drive a wedge between us,”

Mark the ghost continued to plague Deborah and she resorted to calling a Catholic priest in to come and sort him out once and for all.

Although the exorcism appeared to work initially, Mark soon returned and was quickly up to his old tricks

“Things were quiet for a few days – then I felt Mark’s breath on my neck again,” says Deborah.

Finally deciding enough was enough, Deborah and Mark fled the haunted house and left the horny ghost to his own devices.

For over a year, they have resided in rented accommodation and have no desire to return to a house they firmly believe is haunted.

“Maybe I have some sort of psychic ability. Who knows?” said Deborah. “But I’m glad I’m finally rid of my sex-crazed specter.”

What do you think? Is there such a thing as ‘Grasper’ the over-friendly ghost. Or has Deborah just got a very fertile imagination?

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