‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: Season 2, Episode 1 Continues Berlin And Red Battle, New Conflicts Develop

Season 2 of The Blacklist premieres Monday night on NBC and fans are dying to get started with this James Spader hit once again. The debut season left fans with many questions, though viewers are likely going to have more questions than answers as the new season gets going. What The Blacklist spoilers are available for the season 2 premiere airing on September 22?

As TVLine notes, The Blacklist spoilers indicate that Berlin and Red still have a lot to work through. Red and Liz are still talking and coordinating despite all that has happened, and he tells her that the situation with Berlin is at a tipping point. From the looks of things, Berlin isn’t after Red as much as he’s after Liz. He threatens Red that he’s going to do to Liz what Red did to his daughter. Berlin plans to send Liz back to Red piece by piece.

As for Liz Keen, Megan Boone teased The Blacklist spoilers that she will be a woman reacting to all of the drama she went through in the first season. She notes that Berlin has been hunting Red for years, and he’s probably the only one on Earth who has ever managed to elude Red. However, this dance between Red, Liz and Berlin will be a dominating component of the first half of season 2.

There will still be different blacklisters every week, but Berlin as well as the upcoming characters played by Paul Ruben and Mary-Louise Parker will be more dominant components of the show. As for Liz, it seems she now feels less tied to the rules and she will be more willing to do whatever is necessary to get what she wants.

The season 2, episode 1 show is titled “Lord Baltimore.” As Red continues to battle Berlin, a new threat named Lord Baltimore comes into the mix. It seems that Lord Baltimore and Berlin have a connection, and it will be a race to see who can get the upper hand when it comes to the Red and Berlin battle.

Both Mary-Louise Parker and Krysten Ritter will appear in this episode, as will Mozhan Marno as Samar Navabi. The character of Navabi has been mentioned and seen in The Blacklist spoiler previews as someone anxious to stir up trouble. Viewers may recognize Marno from her time on House of Cards where she played Ayla Sayyad.

What can fans expect from episode 1 airing Monday night? James Spader teases The Blacklist spoilers via TV Guide that a couple of months will have passed since the season 1 finale. Despite the passage of some time, everybody is still dealing with all that went down in the past few episodes and the threats are still very much present.

Mary-Louise Parker is someone said to be very connected to Red, so it would seem that is who shows up from Red’s past in the premiere. It is said that she sticks around for a bit in season 2. Parker plays Naomi Hyland, someone who is hiding something big from her husband, Variety reports.

The tricky thing about this show, a component fans both love and hate, is that one never knows quite what anything truly means. From the sounds of things, that’s not changing any time soon. Just what is the relationship between Red and Liz? The Blacklist viewers have parsed that question to pieces and everybody still has different theories. The show is likely going to continue to draw that out for some time yet.

Ressler, of course, is back and many are wondering if a romance might blossom for Liz and Donald. While it seems that’s a possibility, it won’t be something that happens quite yet. What about Tom? He supposedly died in the season 1 finale, but nothing is quite that simple on this show. However, it doesn’t seem that he’ll be back in the mix of things soon, if at all.

Though fans never know quite what to expect when it comes to this show, they are bracing themselves for yet another wild ride. The Blacklist spoilers that are available make it clear that things get off to an intense and wild start Monday, September 22 during the season 2 premiere and fans will not want to miss a minute.

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