Rush Limbaugh Being Forced Off The Air By Democrats?

Rush Limbaugh has been a staple of political radio for more than 30 years, inspiring the ire of liberals everywhere with his deep-cutting, off-color remarks about race, sex, and class. But for every person who condemns Rush, there’s another one out there who never misses his show. In 2012, Talkers ranked him as the most heard radio program in the country — coming in at 15 million total weekly viewers. But a new wave of hatred from the Democratic party is now trying to unseat him for the last time, reported Politico.

The case against Limbaugh is built on comments that made about Ohio State University’s proposed new rule that requests clear, specific permission for any sexual encounter taking place on the campus. Last week, Rush read the new policy out loud and then proceeded to attack it.

“Consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn at any time, and the absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.'” How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that “no” means “yes” if you know how to spot it? Let me tell you something. In this modern world, that is simply not tolerated. People aren’t even gonna try to understand that one. I mean, it used to be said it was a cliche. It used to be part of the advice young boys were given. See, that’s what we gotta change. We have got to reprogram the way we raise men. Why do you think permission every step of the way, clearly spelling out “why”… are all of these not lawsuits just waiting to happen if even one of these steps is not taken?”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee jumped on Limbaugh’s comments and is now trying to gather 300,000 signatures in order to get Rush’s sponsors to drop him. Brian Glicklich, a spokesperson for Limbaugh, said that the comments are taken out of context. Conservative news source Breitbart took it a step further, attacking the campaign to get Rush off the air as another step in the Democrats’ war to control media in their own favor.

“During the Bush administration, national Democrat leaders threatened to kill the ABC network’s broadcast license if a miniseries unfavorable to the Clinton administration wasn’t censored to satisfy Democrats. ABC complied. Earlier this year, Democrats started a push for a Constitutional Amendment to gut the First Amendment. Over the year, Democrats launched a campaign to get — in their own words — “Rush Limbaugh off the air.”

Do you think Rush Limbaugh’s quote was taken out of context? How much longer do you think Rush will be on the air?

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