Ice Bucket Challenge Death: Firefighter Electrocuted Helping Students Complete ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

An Ice Bucket Challenge death has been reported in Kentucky. According to The Washington Post, a firefighter named Tony Grider was electrocuted and killed while trying to help a group of students complete the challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS. According to the report, Grider, 41, was going to have ice water rain down on students using the ladder of a firetruck. Unfortunately, the ladder came too close to power lines and tragedy struck.

“[Grider] was airlifted to a nearby hospital when the fire truck ladder that was being used to dump water on a group of students at the Campbellsville University came too close to a power line on Aug. 21. Several firefighters were injured, including some who tried to climb the ladder to help their colleagues.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge death occurred when Grider got electrocuted. He was actually in the bucket with another firefighter, Simon Quinn, who was injured but released from the hospital several weeks later.

The ladder didn’t actually come into contact with the power lines according to The International Business Times, but the proximity was enough to send jolts of voltage outwards. Campbellsville Fire and Rescue Chief Kyle Smith spoke to the media on behalf of Grider’s family. “His family would like to sincerely thank all of those who have been there for them following this tragic accident.” Grider was a 16-year veteran of the department.

The Ice Bucket Challenge death is not the first reported since the trend hit social media. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, an 18-year-old man in Scotland was killed after completing Ice Bucket Challenge. While officials weren’t completely sure that the challenge and the man’s death were related, there was an investigation pending at the time of the report. Sources say that it was a good possibility given the timing of the accident.

Cameron Lancaster died when he jumped into a flooded quarry. One source said that Cameron completed the challenge and then jumped in the quarry. A lot of people have been jumping into the ocean or into a swimming pool after dumping ice water on their heads.

“There are rumors and speculation that this tragedy is linked to the ice bucket challenge. Some children have been jumping off the cliffs at the quarry. They have always done that, but it seems there has been a recent increase because of this challenge. There is no confirmation at this stage, but that is what we think has happened. I saw a video of another boy jumping from one of the edges last week so this could be related.”

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