Ice Bucket Challenge Claims Life Of Teen In Scotalnd

The ice bucket challenge that is currently sweeping the internet is innocent enough. After all, what can possibly happen other than an unfortunate slip, or something similar?

Sadly, for 18-year-old Cameron Lancaster from Scotland, his ice bucket challenge ended in tragedy when he died accidentally in a flooded quarry, preparing to do the challenge. Lancaster from Burntisland, Fife, died on Sunday after he disappeared at around 5 p.m.

His body was found four hours later underwater near to the quarry.

In a heartfelt statement Lancaster’s family said:

“Cameron died in a tragic accident. His death is such a great loss. During his short life, he touched so many people with his friendliness, kindness and thoughtful generosity of spirit. He will be hugely missed by his family and friends. The family are finding it hard to come to terms with this sudden loss and would ask for privacy.”

Even though the exact circumstances surrounding Lancaster’s death remain unclear it is thought that he was about to attempt a variation of the ice bucket challenge and post it online.

Local councillor Alice McGarry spoke to reporters about the tragedy, saying:

“There are rumors and speculation that this tragedy is linked to the ice bucket challenge. Some children have been jumping off the cliffs at the quarry. They have always done that, but it seems there has been a recent increase because of this challenge. There is no confirmation at this stage, but that is what we think has happened. I saw a video of another boy jumping from one of the edges last week so this could be related.”

A mother, Wilma Sutherland, whose son was at the quarry told The Independent:

“I asked my son who’s 15 if he had heard anything, and he told me that a young guy had taken part in the ice bucket challenge and then jumped in the quarry and didn’t come up. It’s a popular spot for swimming, and I’ve seen lots of teenagers jumping in.”

It remains to be seen what precisely caused the death of Lancaster as the police investigation continues.