Polygamist Ninja Women Face Assault Charges For Abduction Attempt Of 15-Year-Old Utah Girl

In a bizarre case out of Salt Lake City, Utah, police say that two women dressed as ninjas broke into a residence last Thursday in an attempt to abduct a 15-year-old girl.

KSTU reports that the victim of the attempted abduction is also set to testify in court next week against the shared boyfriend of the two ninjas, who are aged 18 and 20.

The women forced their way into the house with the help of knives and stun guns. Fortunately, a man inside the house heard them and reacted, “I heard a creak, and there was silence for like 20 or 30 seconds. I went to the bottom of the stairs and saw a couple of ninjas coming down,” the man told KSTU.

He noted that the would-be attackers were wearing “all dark gray or black,” and had “black rubber gloves on” and “ninja masks.” He continued

“All I could see of them was their eyes. My adrenaline was pumping so bad. They grabbed for me. One of them covered my mouth, and the other grabbed my throat, but they were both pretty small so I threw them back and started shouting to get anybody awake that I could.”

The much larger unidentified man was able to subdue the ninja women long enough for the police to show up, who promptly arrested the pair.

According to the man who foiled the abduction, he knew exactly who the women were. The victim is scheduled to testify concerning a sexual assault against a man who is currently in prison pending a rape trial.

The two women will now face charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and witness tampering.

Even though this is the first ninja attack of its type in Utah, as far as the police who dealt with the incident are concerned, the issue of polygamy is a big one and is prevalent at many levels in the state.