Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Putting Divorce Rumors Behind Them, Talk About Having Kids

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi are trying to put the divorce rumors of the last several months behind them as they hit the red carpet at a Hollywood event, smiling for photographers and walking hand-in-hand.

The couple showed up for the event after facing a summer of endless divorce rumors. Reports claimed that Portia had grown tired of Ellen’s controlling ways and even made a secret video of Ellen during one of their arguments to keep as evidence if the relationship fell apart.

There were separate reports that Ellen DeGeneres may have cheated while Portia was away for a then-secret rehab stint in May.

But now the divorce rumors appear to be in the past for Ellen and Portia as they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in August and appear to be repairing their relationship. There is even talk that the two could be considering having kids.

“They’ve had their ups and downs…Portia has been very outspoken about previous issues, like her eating disorder, and she’s good at seeking help when she needs to,” a source recently told People Magazine. “They’ve worked out difficulties in the past, and no doubt they’re trying to work out any problems right now.”

Sources said Ellen DeGeneres has been making some big gestures, including giving up drinking in solidarity with Portia, who is going dry herself after leaving rehab. Ellen also picked up a $16 million mansion in Los Angeles, reportedly in a bid to keep Portia happy and smooth over the troubles of the past few months.

As a source told RadarOnline, the gestures are working.

“Ellen says that she and Portia are doing so much better,” the source said. “Towards the end of last season, everything was really taking a toll on her. While Portia was in treatment and everyone was predicting that they were getting a divorce, it was really hard. But thankfully, all of that has passed.”

Another source told InTouch Weekly that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were starting “a new chapter in their lives and starting a family,” meaning there could be children in the future for them.