Ellen DeGeneres Saved Portia de Rossi Marriage With $16 Million Home

It would now appear as though Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage isn’t quite as close to terminating as the last few months would’ve had us believe.

The summer was punctuated with various stories about DeGeneres’ various infidelities, de Rossi’s drinking problem and rehab stint, as well as numerous other issues that had derailed their life together.

However, over the last few weeks, the pair have looked more and more secure, and it’s now believed that they have been able to iron out the problems that had caused them so much grief. So much so that they are looking to the future, and they have even taken steps to build a more comfortable living situation for the two of them.

But how did DeGeneres save her marriage to de Rossi? Well, it has been revealed, courtesy of Celeb Dirty Laundry, that the talk show host managed to win over the Arrested Development actress by purchasing her a $16 million mansion in Los Angeles.

It’s safe to say that de Rossi has lapped up her new gift from her beau with aplomb, while DeGeneres is thought to have gone through with the lavish transaction in order to prove that she has full faith in her wife. While they are still not completely over the problems that led to the speculation of their split, the pair are thought to have taken great steps to avoid their separation. Back in July it was also reported that DeGeneres had been able to secure a multi-episode arc on Scandal, which is also thought to have helped their struggling marriage at the time.

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported that the duos life was peachy for now, with a source confirming that DeGeneres and de Rossi had declared that they were now intent on making their relationship stronger.

The insider revealed, “Ellen says that she and Portia are doing so much better. Towards the end of last season, everything was really taking a toll on her. While Portia was in treatment and everyone was predicting that they were getting a divorce, it was really hard. But thankfully, all of that has passed.”

Another confidante of the pair also told InTouch that they were even talking about starting “a new chapter in their lives and starting a family.” Portia believes that if the pair has a child then they will be bonded together forever.

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