Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena Results: Everyone Shocked By Seth Rollins At WWE Night Of Champions 2014

Patrick Frye

The Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena results are in and everyone is shocked by what happened at WWE Night Of Champions 2014. It turns out that Mr. Money In The Bank Seth Rollins showed up at the last minute and shook up all expectations.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, everyone wants Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship belt. Randy Orton claims he's "owed" a match, Bad News Barrett wants some good news, and even Santino Marella wants a WWE title fight, assuming he's good enough in six months after his recent neck surgery.

In the lead up to the Night Of Champions match, the writers at The Inquisitr were debating who would actually win. Most believed it was inevitable that the Beast would win under the assumption that Roman Reigns would be pushed for a title match at WrestleMania 31. But since a hernia surgery could potentially cause a wrestler to be out of the ring for up to three to six months, it's possible that Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns could be cancelled. This led to some speculation that Vince McMahon might make some last minute changes to Lesnar's match with Cena tonight. After all, when Lesnar beat Undertaker's streak, the decision was apparently made by Vince at the last minute.

The biggest theory was that Brock Lesnar would either lose or win based upon a disqualification. The first scenario would require the Beast to be unleashed and start to beat on Cena relentlessly. If Cena grabs the rope and Lesnar refuses to back off, this would cause the referee to reach a five count.

The second scenario assumed John Cena's heel turn would finally came to fruition. Cena's lock and chain attacks used to be infamous, and the WWE may seriously decide to turn him villain in order to make him interesting again. After all, Hulk Hogan once joined the NWO faction and revitalized his career. If you still think this idea is unlikely in the long term... it's rumored the WWE may make Bray Wyatt babyface, so anything can happen.

The Lesnar match would be the perfect stage for Cena's heel turn and might explain why their rematch for a title fight was scheduled so relatively soon. The Inquisitr writers believed it was possible the chains would come out, and the referee would make Lesnar the winner by disqualification. This idea was also fed by the lead up to the match, since it was declared that in order to beat the Beast, you had to become a beast.

While The Inquisitr was right about the disqualification, the reason for it was completely different than expected.

When Cena came out he was almost dressed in Hulk Hogan colors, with no signs of an obvious heel turn like wearing chains. Lesnar didn't even bother with his "eat, sleep" shirt, and instead, chose to focus on his WWE Championship belt. Neither wrestler had much to say, even including Paul Heyman (shocker!).

Lesnar immediately picked up Cena and slammed him into a corner and began headbutting. They exchanged blows and everyone was stunned when Cena attempted to pin the Beast within the first minute, which was quite a change of pace from the last match. But Lesnar turned that around and attempted to get Cena into a Kimura lock.

Not too much longer the first German suplex was launched and yet another Kimura lock was used. Shortly later, we started to have deja vu, since Brock Lesnar was standing over Cena with that stare.

But Cena managed to get in some more blows, only to suffer a high flying German suplex that his neck folding like an accordion. Within a minute, Cena began launching a series of suplexes.

After some attempts at pinning, they went back to the corner for some headbutts into the abdomen.

Cena began to go on the offensive and landed some headshots, which caused Lesnar to fade a bit. This is definitely not as one-sided as the last match, but even the announcers felt Cena was being toyed with.

After a belly-to-belly suplex, Lesnar tried to pin twice, only to have Cena pop his shoulder. Cena then popped up again to on the offensive, but Lesnar didn't allow that to last too long.

With Cena crawling along the ground, the fans began to chant: "Let's go Cena! Cena sucks!"

Cena then went onto the attack and put Lesnar onto the ropes with his jabs, giving the Beast a bloody nose. But Lesnar countered with a suplex, ending that effort. Lesnar's knees also left their mark, bruising Cena on the back left of his ribs.

Instead of counting suplexes, we should probably start counting headbutts in the corner.

Cena turned into an attempt at an F5, followed by an STF, but that got reversed into a Kimura lock. John Cena managed to power out by standing, but Brock held on even when being slammed into the corner. Then Cena got another slam and attempted to get Lesnar to tap out with the STF, even dragging the Beast back into the middle of the ring several times.

But then all of the sudden, Money In The Bank Seth Rollins interrupted, causing an instant disqualification by the referee. Rollins announced he was cashing it in to try and would take the belt from Brock Lesnar by a pin, but that wasn't allowed to happen.

The official announcement in the end was that John Cena won the match, but Brock Lesnar retained his WWE Championship belt. There's speculation over whether Brock would have tapped out, but Seth Rollines did not officially get a chance to cash in.

WWE Universe... what do you think about how Vince McMahon decided to end Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena at Night Of Champions 2014 with a disqualification?