WWE: Santino Marella Wants Brock Lesnar’s Championship Belt, Plans 2015 Return

Santino Marella Vs. Brock Lesnar? The WWE jokester may be known as the Milan Miracle, but having such a match happen would require a real miracle considering the extent of Santino’s injury. But now real life Anthony Carelli is seriously talking about coming out of retirement and taking a shot at the WWE Championship belt.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, they say the third time is the charm, but in Santino’s case, the opposite was true. Santino has missed time in WWE due to neck issues in the past, but earlier this year the Canadian (not Italian) wrestler announced his decision to give up the dream in front of a house show crowd in Toronto.

Give a guy a few months to lick his wounds, and see how things change dramatically. Last month, Santino gave an interview with with ichill.ca, where he was already talking about wrestling again.

“There’s multiple things wrong with my neck. but the stenosis has increased to the point where it has to be fixed. I’m not cleared for physical contact due to the severity of my stenosis, but apparently with a double fusion you actually can return to the ring with four to six months of recovery time.”

Talking on his Facebook page yesterday, Anthony Carelli revealed that his surgery went well, and he’s already considering a Santino WWE return.

“Surgery went well. There were some unexpected broken bones in my neck apparently but everything is looking good now. Let the legendary comeback begin! Six months ’till I get to do what I was born to do again: perform in front of the WWE universe.”

Assuming that Santino can pass the WWE physical in six months, it would seem he has some high flying goals set for himself already, and he knows he’ll have to earn his nickname.

“I want to come back because of some unfinished business,” said Santino Marella. “I believe being the Milan Miracle I have one miracle left. There’s one belt that I haven’t captured—the WWE Championship—and it’s going to require that miracle to do it. On the right day at the right time I can definitely experience capturing that championship. There’s still some good wrestling left in this guy, so that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

Of course, in order to grab a hold of that shiny belt right now, Santino would have to beat Brock Lesnar. But would the WWE even set up a such a match? Suffering through something like 16 German suplexes probably isn’t an option for a wrestler with a neck injury. Never mind that six months from now is the time frame of WrestleMania 31, and everyone keeps talking about how Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar is the main event. The Santino comeback would not even have a chance to develop a decent story line, so it’s extremely unlikely to happen.

Regardless, Santino Marella is a multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and has also won the WWE Tag Team and U.S. Championships. It’s always possible he could have at the WWE Championship belt in the next several years, but whether or not he’ll perform a miracle by grabbing it from Brock Lesnar is another matter entirely.

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