Texas Woman Angela Radtke Breaks Car Windshield, Rescues Baby Trapped Inside Hot Car

A one-year-old baby trapped inside a locked car parked in the hot Texas sun was rescued by a passing lady. Angela Radtke, the woman who rescued the baby, is now being hailed a hero, reports KHOU. The report adds that bystanders and security personnel who were near the area where the car was parked, initially warned Angela against intervening.

However, the gutsy woman Angela is, she did not pay heed to those warnings, and went straight ahead and smashed the front windscreen of the car using a tire iron. What she did after that was even more remarkable. Risking personal injury, she used her bare hands to move away the pieces of broken glass and crawled right into the vehicle and unlocked the door and freed the baby. Even though she tried minimizing her injuries, she did get a few cuts to her arms.

Angela also risked getting arrested for what she did because she did cause damage to private property. However Angela was more concerned about the safety of the baby than that of her possible arrest.

“I don’t care if I get arrested, I’m going to save this baby,” Radtke told reporters.

Meanwhile, KENS5 News reports that after examination of surveillance footage, it was revealed that the baby was inside the car, unattended for over 40 minutes. After the baby boy was rescued, emergency services were called in who took him to the nearby Methodist Children’s Hospital. Doctors have confirmed that the child was then treated for dehydration. Officials have revealed that the boy would now be placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Police officials who responded to the incident initially questioned Angela Radtke. However, after assessing her intent and the situation, she was released under a Texas law that deals with actions of Good Samaritans. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses to the incident revealed that they did initially try to reach out to the owner of the car using loudspeakers. However, no one responded to their calls and the father of the baby arrived a bit later. The father of the baby later told officials that he had forgotten that the baby was inside the car. Needless to say, he is now being charged with child endangerment, which comes under the category of a third-degree felony.

[Image Via KENS5 News]