WWE News: WWE Rumored To Be Forming A Major Tag Team In NXT

WWE has been making strides down in their NXT developmental territory. WWE has excited many fans for the future, as the stuff we see in NXT has been simply awesome. Triple H, who runs NXT, has been doing an amazing job. He has given us shows that have been great, and he has signed talent that very few can complain about. WWE’s NXT roster could rival any other roster for another wrestling company. To think that these men and women will be on WWE’s main roster is awesome to think about.

WWE has signed some tremendous talent as of late, but that is both a good and bad thing. The good part is that they are amazing and WWE has them. The bad is that, due to an over-saturation of amazing talent, WWE cannot possibly use them all to the fullest on a crowded one-hour program. This is why tag teams are helpful. WWE can form one, and when singles openings happen, WWE can split the teams. This is also a way for two people to get TV time, and even show off.

That seems to be the plan for Fergal “Prince” Devitt. WWE respects what he can do in the ring alone, and will never complain about his wrestling ability. The issue is, he is a new guy on a roster that has so many talented guys. So the best scenario for him is to team with someone. This is why WWE is contemplating putting him with one of two men. Either Sami Zayn or Kevin Steen.

The man WWE picks to put him with is key. If it is Kevin Steen, WWE could allow both men a chance to stay down in NXT and work until they are ready to move up to the main roster. If it is Sami Zayn, who WWE has been planning to bring up alone for some time, this would mean Devitt would most likely be seen on the main roster sooner than many expected.

The idea behind this is obviously to use people who might not get an opportunity due to so many roster members. The other reason is that NXT will need a new top tag team soon. The Ascension are rumored to be called up to the main roster soon. Due to this, WWE will need to have a good tag team division without them. Pairing Devitt and Steen would be big, as it would allow two top NXT names to be used. On top of that, we could see a lot of really cool stuff with the two. Both are used to working alone, so it will be fun to see the two in a tag team.

If Sami and Devitt team up, it may only be for a short time, or Devitt would come up with Sami and the two would debut as a tag team. That might be too quick for Devitt, despite his clear talent. WWE may feel that, due to being a top guy in NJPW for years, working in front of similar crowds that WWE has live, he would be just fine. However, it is doubtful Devitt would just bypass NXT or barely have time there.

The most likely candidate for a teammate for Devitt is probably Steen. WWE could use the two well, and both could spend a good bit of time in NXT. Plus, WWE needs to revamp it’s tag team division. If they can form good teams to do that, I don’t think many would complain. Especially if two of those guys are incredible wrestlers who just happen to be in a team together.

[IMG Credits: PWTorch.com, Bleacher Report]