Unrealistic Expectations Parents Have Of Kids, You Know You Do

If you're a parent, then you probably have unrealistic expectations of your kids. While parenting can be challenging as it is, these can make it even worse. Even though parenting has many rewards, it also has incredible challenges, and they don't stop when the kids grow up and leave the nest.

Ask your kids and they'll probably tell you that you have many unrealistic expectations, which create unnecessary tension in the home. Teenagers are notorious for pushing your buttons, constantly, and of course you respond in kind. Angry outbursts make for unpleasant times in the home front.

The problem with expectations, especially the ones of the unrealistic kind, is that they're impossible to attain. As parents, we want out kids to be the best at everything, including school, sports, friendships, and life in general, but being too demanding can cause resentment. What's worse, many expect their kids to do this all the time.

So what are your unrealistic expectations exactly? We'll go down the list, and if you're reading this article, you are probably a parent or a kid, and you will most likely agree with all of them.

Let's face it: There's nothing more irritating to parents than to find a crabby kid when they get home after a long day at work and stressful commute. Why can't they be in a good mood? After all, they're kids, with no worries or stress in their lives.

This is simply not true. Just like adults, children have good and bad days, and it's completely unrealistic to expect them to be in a good mood all the time. Teens are under an incredible amount of pressure from all sides, and sometimes it gets to them, hence the bad mood. Take it easy.

Of course, all parents want their kids to do well in school, but sometimes it's simply unrealistic. Parents have to consider their child's ability to learn and to process information and realize not all children are A-students. As long as you see your kid trying their best, you should be supportive and understanding.

Moms and dads provide their children with everything they have, so it is frustrating when they don't seem to appreciate what they're given. This is another unrealistic expectation, especially if it doesn't go both ways. Don't sit with your kids and watch TV, or work on the computer. Spend some quality time with them, and they'll appreciate you even more.

Kids are human, just like parents, and they will inevitably mess up. Your kids probably do it on a daily basis, but that's the way it goes. News flash: Expecting children of any age to be perfect is unrealistic, and will only bring you grief. If you accept that your kids are human, you will be happier.

Remember when you were a teen and were always trying to get away with things? This is a touchy one. Of course, there are more serious situations, like a car accident or breaking an expensive electronic. But as parents, we can't realistically expect kids to never try to go around our backs or always tell us the truth. Trying to teach a life lesson, which sometimes warrant punishing, are things parents have to figure out themselves.

Parenting is not easy, but we don't have to make it harder by placing unrealistic expectations on our kids. Yes, we all do it, but we must take a step back and realize our kids are only human and will make mistakes, some bigger than others. Parents' job is to guide them, support them, and love them, no matter what. Keeping that in mind will make for a happier home.

Do you place unrealistic expectations on your kids? What are they?

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