WWE’s Latest Disappointment To Fans, Next Generation Tease Not For NXT 5

I’m considering making the headline a weekly segment on The Inquisitr, as it always seems that the WWE disappoints the fans on a weekly basis. If Vince McMahon finds the idea to have a wrestling program on every day of the week, then maybe the WWE can dissatisfy the fans every single day of the year.

Just like Daniel Bryan’s absence in the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton’s championship win, and every single John Cena title reign, the WWE is used to disappointing their fans, because it is “best for business.” Sure, you can put that on the back of a t-shirt and it will sell, but that isn’t what the WWE Universe cares about.

Their latest installment of, “WWE Infuriates the Fans” started with a simple tweet.

Thinking like a true wrestling fan, I was overcome with excitement and exuberance. So, I decided to write an article talking about how it could be the NXT 5. For those not inclined with Indy mark-ism, Kevin Steen, Hideo Itami, Fergal Devitt, Adrian Neville, and Sami Zayn were dubbed the NXT 5. They are arguably the best wrestlers NXT has. Also, three of the five were recently signed and have a strong Independent wrestling following.

Stop to think about the impact those five could make on the main roster and it will truly surprise you. The Nexus created one of the most controversial and exciting Raw segments in WWE history. The NXT 5 is more charismatic, talented, and popular than all of the original Nexus combined. If WWE Creative stopped to use their collective knowledge and intelligence, tomorrow night could be memorable.

However, one tweet from WWE’s biggest signing to never wrestle spoiled the entire thing.

WWE fans who are also video game fanatics know that WWE 2K15 will be unveiling a trailer to their new video game on next-generation consoles. All of the unfortunate puzzle pieces aligned when Sting tweeted out those two words of disappointment, while it coincided with IGN’s announcement of a trailer Monday morning.

On top of it all, E-Wrestling News wrote a story talking about the WWE’s tease on Twitter. It also provided more insight on another disappoint from the WWE.

“What seems more likely is that the announcement has something to with WWE 2K15. The game is set for a November 11 release for the PS4 and Xbox One release. It hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 28. The first actual trailer for the game is reportedly supposed to be released on Monday as well. So the ‘next generation’ could simply be the kickoff of the promotional campaign for WWE 2K15.”

There lies the near-confirmation from a reputable wrestling-news source. So WWE fans, we have come to an impasse. What was supposed to be a spectacular episode of Monday Night Raw ultimately turned into a ridiculous tease for their new video game. You know, sometimes the WWE should start surprising the fans, instead of getting their hopes up.

Fans remember that sort of thing. While this editorial is an elongated version of complaining, I hope the point comes across to the optimists out there. The WWE disappoints all the time. Yet, we still watch the product without missing an episode. Something can be said about the passion WWE fans showcase. Maybe, just maybe, the WWE will realize what they do, and the consequences of their actions.

Eventually when the fans proclaim, “If Cena wins, we riot,” or anything of that nature, the fans will mean it. I urge the WWE to realize that.

[Image via WWE.com]