New ‘Hitler’ Diary Discovered In Long Island

A diary discovered in a Long Island suburb is shedding new light on the life that German dictator Adolph Hitler’s nephew led before settling on America’s East Coast, where his sons now live in anonymity, amid a pact that the Fuhrer’s line will die with them.

Inscribed with the words “National Sozialisten!” and the dedication “This book belongs to Willy Hitler,” the diary was discovered in a house once owned by the family of the infamous dictator’s British-born nephew, the Daily Mail relates. William Patrick Hitler lived and worked in Germany before moving to the United States in 1939. Forced to flee after refusing German citizenship and standing up to his Uncle, William went on to fight for America in World War II in the Pacific theater, according to the New York Daily News.

In 1946, William Hitler decided to change his last name and disappear. Marrying a friend’s sister, he had four sons, three of whom still survive today. The diary has revealed rare insight into a man whose life was forever tainted by his familial relationship with Hitler.

During 1935, William was desperately unhappy with his bank job, yet prevented from changing it by his status as Hitler’s nephew, according to the diary. He would have needed the Fuhrer’s permission, but Hitler wanted William kept in his place. Eventually, William demanded a better job, leading to accusations that he tried to blackmail Hitler, according to his mother, Brigid.

“You have a job and you can maintain yourself on your earnings. What more can you expect?” said Hitler, according to Brigid. “I didn’t become Chancellor for the benefit of my family… I can’t have people saying I show favoritism to my family.”

The depth of revulsion that history holds for Adolph Hitler has made his name a favored comparison in political attacks, as The Inquisitr has noted many times, yet it has also caused deep repercussions for his surviving family. Though William Hitler died of a heart attack in 1987, and his son Howard passed away in a 1989 car accident, three remaining brothers still live in Long Island, having long discarded the Hitler surname. They represent the last vestiges of Hitler’s bloodline, and they intend to keep it that way.

A source close to the family revealed to David Gardner, author of the forthcoming The Last of the Hitlers, that the three remaining brothers have made a pact that the Hitler genome will die with them. None have married, and they have no children, ensuring that they will indeed be the last of the Hitlers.

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