Kristen Bell Sports Baby Bump, Dax Shepard Explains Tattoo In Samsung Galaxy Commercial

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are the cutest couple in the world.

A new ad for the Samsung Galaxy that shows a day in the life of the celebrity couple has hit the internet, and has fans buzzing with the sheer adorableness of what we hope is their actual day-to-day life.

But not all is as it appears, with many wondering why Kristen’s husband Dax is not shown wearing a wedding ring in the opening scene. But fear not; Shepard took to the Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain why he sports a tattoo tribute to Kristen Bell instead of the traditional wedding band accustomed to most.

“I don’t like wearing jewelery, but I felt obliged to warn all the men that I’m taken,” Shepard told Ellen. “So, I thought a tattoo would be fitting. And her last name – conveniently – is an object I could tattoo. And there’s little letters in there. So there’s a K and an L and a D.”

The D in question is for their fourth child, whose name at this point has not been revealed. But while the name is still a secret, Kristen Bell used the Samsung commercial to show off her ever-growing baby bump to the world. The stunning Veronica Mars actress managed to pull off a wide variety of looks throughout the video, including a comical scene where Bell is watching a video of a dog and a cat that reduces her to tears.

“I’d prefer you didn’t watch these when you’re pregnant, sweetie,” Dax tells Kristen as he comforts her.

The ad has become so popular it has US Weekly wondering if the story could be “[extended] into a movie,” noting that Shepard and Kristen worked together on 2012’s Hit and Run and 2010’s When in Rome. Clearly the couple has chemistry.

When Kristen is not spending time with her hubby, she’s busy reviving her eponymous character Veronica Mars for a new spin-off featuring supporting character Dick Casablancas. As reported by The Inquisitr, Play it Again, Dick is a spinoff which airs on the CW’s online network, CW Seed.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “the series follows actor Ryan Hansen, playing a version of himself, attempting to get a spin-off about his Veronica Mars character, Dick Casablancas, off the ground. The first episode finds Hansen pitching the show to Kristen Bell, Veronica herself, and to CW executives, who give him the go ahead for a micro-budget pilot.”

Whether or not Kristen Bell will be appearing in any future episodes is unknown at the time. For now, we’ll have to satisfy our Kristen Bell cravings with more commercials with her husband Dax Shepard.

Watch the adorable Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Samsung Galaxy commercial below.

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