I See Dead People: Kate Hudson Reveals She And Mother Goldie Hawn Feel Spirits

On Friday, Kate Hudson, 35, appeared on the Chatty Man Show, hosted by Alan Carr, alongside her Wish I Was Here co-star Zach Braff. During the interview, the actress revealed an interesting fact about herself and her mother, Academy Award Winner Goldie Hawn.

Hudson said that she and her mother “can see dead people,” E Online reports. However, she clarified that she does not actually see them, but more of feel their presence.

“It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.”

Kate Hudson also had a few tips for those who encounter the same type of energies.

“When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong there. When your brain is freaking out on you, you may have to remind it. Why is it being dead funny?”

She also revealed that she one had the experience of seeing the ghost of a woman who had no face, saying, “That was really creepy,” the Daily Mail reports.

Kate Hudson is not the first celebrity to admit experiencing ghosts. Actor Matthew McConaughey also revealed that he was visited by an old woman named Madame Blue when he first moved into his home in Hollywood. He describes her as being a “cool ghost” and they get along. In 2003, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan also revealed that she met a polite spirit in her Los Angeles home. Nicholas Cage is another actor who claims to have seen ghosts several times, but his favorite was the ghost at Francis Ford Coppola’s Napa Valley home.

The blonde bombshell also admitted that she has a potty mouth, and that her 10-year-old son Ryder is getting a few bucks because of it.

“Well I have three brothers – I’m getting better with language. My son now is just collecting so much, because we do have a swear jar – if I throw out an F-bomb, it’s $5… if it’s like s**t or damn.”

Kate Hudson and Zach Braff’s movie, Wish I Was Here, is a dramedy film. Braff directed the movie, and co-wrote it with his brother Adam Braff. It tells the story of a father and husband who is a struggling actor who tries to find himself and his purpose for living. The film premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2014, and had a limited release on July 18, 2014.